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After mass, they decided to line up to Zach only for Zed to touch the man and learn something more through the vision. After a motivational speech from Charlie, he enters a door where Natalie's spirit is. The team followed him, where it was Zed who understood her visions. In August 2015, it was announced that Ryan would appear as Constantine on Arrow in the fourth season episode "Haunted", per a "one-time-only" deal. Lester thought it over and decided it might be the best death of his life, the best end. He was to return Geraldine's soul in exchange for helping the exorcist get rid of the Karabasan demon, to which the exorcist agreed. He admitted that it's not like he can't help him - he just won't do it now. Papa Midnite contacted his deceased sister in Hell, asking her if Constantine was right. When John tried to stop Fairy Godmother and Prudence from leaving the ship, he was silenced by the fairy's spell, sealing his mouth shut. "[23][24] Season four co-showrunner Wendy Mericle confirmed that this version of Constantine would be the same character that had appeared in the NBC series. There he met Liv Aberdine, the daughter of his friend who (like her father) could see the true nature of supernatural things when in contact with an amulet. Original multiverseLiverpool Primary School (formerly; expelled)Mucous Membrane (formerly)Newcastle Crew (formerly)His teamLegendsNew multiverseNewcastle Crew (formerly)LegendsMucous Membrane (formerly) Zari shows up to console him which backfires when John tries to neuter his dad. After informing his friends what they were struggling with, Constantine reassured Hugo that his descendants might be alive, as Lamashtu tends to slowly absorb the vital energy of babies. With their help he learned that the girl was Nora Darhk who was slowly being taken over by a demon called Mallus. John sacrifices Gary to capture the demon. When he woke up, he was in the prison square, where he hailed himself as the new ruler in order to have peace. For he knew it was a sign that something was wrong here. John was later asked to join the Legends team, but declined, returning to his hotel in 2018 and drinking himself to sleep. [5], Constantine attempts to use time travel to change history to save the life of Desmond, a former lover who sacrificed himself to save Constantine from the demon Neron, but when this creates increasingly twisted timelines, Constantine accepts the need to restore the original timeline and comes clean to the rest of the team about his issue with Neron. This time he did not stop time, but knelt in front of the bed and stared at the suffering man. John Constantine (/ˌkɒnstənˈtiːn/ KON-stən-TEEN)[1] is a fictional character in The CW's Arrowverse franchise, introduced in the 2014 first episode of the NBC series Constantine. Then Renee appeared in the building, whom Chas ordered John to protect, shouting his last words before the explosion, which resulted in Faust being killed and the souls returned to their rightful owners. One night, John attempted an exorcism on a young girl named Astra Logue by summoning the demon Nergal, only for the demon to kill Astra and drag her soul to Hell, damning her for eternity, an action which damned John's soul for Hell upon death. After a while, he met Corrigan and Martin, with whom he began searching for the child and the torturer. He immediately went to the house where the girl was probably being held. Frequently abused, John gained an interest in the occult, hoping to find a way to bring his mother back from the dead. [11] As a last resort, he takes Mia and John Diggle to Earth-666 where Lucifer Morningstar helps them get into Purgatory to save Oliver's soul. Afterwards, Lucifer owed Constantine a favor. Family The Coblynau-turned Lannis appeared out of the ground and dragged his wife under it together with him.[1]. [35], In the new Earth, the chain of events surrounding Astra being dragged to Hell were changed. [34], At some point in the history of Earth-Prime, John met the owner of a scrapyard nicknamed "Old Man Joe"; in the yard, located between John Constantine's house and London, there was a 1975 Fiat that was possessed by a demon which ultimately John exorcized. At the same time, in one of the bars, John met his friend Becca Schultz, who as a lawyer consulted the sources and obtained the documents for the exorcist regarding the last unexplained death of the whole family, except for the child. Moments later, they found each other and together they traveled on, where Simpson had the opportunity to demonstrate what he had learned over the years - modification of worlds. It's Charlie, however Constantine is troubled to see her. John Constantine is a fictional character in The CW's Arrowverse franchise, introduced in the 2014 first episode of the NBC television series Constantine.The character is based on the DC Comics character of the same name, created by Alan Moore, Stephen R. Bissette, Rick Veitch and John Totleben and was adapted for television in 2014 by Daniel Cerone, and David S. Goyer. John recognized the Invunche sketches, powerful evil beings that had died out long ago. He drew him a story of how the shaman of a village, Samir, chose a young boy to trap a demon in him and save the village from starvation. After she did so, she met Constantin and Chase in one of the abandoned houses nearby, who were going to help with the ritual. General Information While helping the Legends return the Encores to Hell, John nearly had his life cut short by a grown-up Astra, who sped up the 10 years of lung cancer he would accumulate. Soon after saying goodbye, John said goodbye to Anne Marie, apologizing for all his mistakes and promising to change. After a while, they met with Chas, to whom John gave the child and left the catacombs. He concedes that he adored her and he took her back to demonstrate that he was on the right track to pick enchantment. However, he got his life back by promising her to find the Loom of Fate and make Charlie to alter the Logue family's fates. Constantine was being questioned by Jim at the police station. [33], As a result, Constantine, Diggle and Mia visited Earth-666 to ask Lucifer Morningstar's help in a last-ditch attempt to retrieve Oliver's soul from purgatory. The exorcist investigated the matter further, discovering that the girl who survived the attack was controlled by an entity inhabiting her body. Constantine searched for Morris, finding him suffocated by an unknown force of darkness that deafened the exorcist. Angry Chas, wanting to get his daughter back, attacked the mage, and Constantine had to make a pact with him. [23] Following their "introduction" to the dragon, the Legends stayed on a lookout for magical creatures for 5 months, but met none, and decided that John was wrong. Constantine first appears on the Arrowverse on Arrow in the show's fourth season. So they decided to recover it, putting a protective spell around the shed before.[12]. [22] He then attempted to assist Ava and Gary in tracking down the Waverider after Sara Lance was possessed by Mallus via the Death Totem. Later, John returned to Waverider and drank some of Rasputin's blood to perform a spell to get into hell, Sara told him to be careful. The CW began airing Arrow in fall 2012. He wanted to know if the girl was aware of the threat she was facing and if she could handle it all. He has a slightly different cadence sometimes. It was then that Zachary realized his mistake and said that it was all his fault and that everything could have turned out differently had he not killed a man by accident one evening. At the same time, John cast a protective spell on Chas, fearing that he might do something to himself by returning to his family. John Constantine made his first live appearance in the 2005 film Constantine by Keanu Reeves, and in the television series Constantine by Matt Ryan. Natalie uncovers to Constantine that the Loom of Fate is a genuine article and not only a story. He left her with the enchanted bones of a saint so that she'd be able to divine disturbances across the timeline. He is also haunted by the memory of Astra Logue, a young girl he condemned to hell with a botched exorcism. As a result, Manny lost access to his angelicness and was forced to help John, who, following the flashing light, found another victim in the hospital - Duncan Hall. The exorcist knew he could not stand up to its power and pleaded with Manny for help, who could not interfere with the events. Once Karabasan was in it, Constantine tried to set the circle on fire, but the lighter refused to obey. So, Constantine faints. Constantine's lifespan was stated to only reach 2030. John has caused so much pain to those closest to him that if there is ever a chance to end that pain he would accept it in no matter what the consequences are, this is best seen when demons stated they would release Astra from hell should he stop interfering in their plans. They drove to the house of the dead, where Constantine decided to check what had happened there, when Chandler was supposed to protect the rear. When the detective was found, John explained that in order for everything to succeed, loved ones must forgive the dead and come to terms with their death. As if that were not enough, Martin had an unknown seizure and she had to go to a hospital bed. Ryan also noted that while the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow mentions the Astra storyline from the NBC series, it would not explore the Brujeria storyline, though Constantine "still carries that baggage around with him". John knew time was running out, so he asked Zed to focus her thoughts and help them with her abilities. The man did not see any normal escape route, so the nun grabbed a gun and shot her former friend to gain time and run away with the last child. communications device he found and accused newcomer Oliver Queen of being a spy. Then they go inside, where the woman briefly introduces the subject to her friends. [21], Sometime later, he gave the Legends information on the Death Totem, which was in the possession of Elvis Presley. This made Constantine understand that the monster they were confronting wanted the Lopez blood. However, the presence of the antimatter wave causes the pillars of sorcery to tumble, weakening him and preventing him from restoring Oliver's soul, as he did with Sara's. Behind him stood the police, which arrested the man for mass murder. Although Constantine was able to banish them away and the two talked about their past and sins. Thus, Zed obtained a kind of connection with the map, which John was counting on, and they could go to the next place, which was New Orleans. John and Manny in St. Catherine's Hospital. In the morning, John and Chas went to the place from the vision, where they learned about the death of the driver who had asked about Philip Carlberg's hitchhiker before his death. Er hat große Ähnlichkeit zum Musiker Sting bzw. Reiter presented Oliver with a map John possessed and after confirming his knowledge of their locations, John performed a spell to free himself from his handcuffs and held Oliver at gunpoint and used him as leverage to escape Reiter's compound. It turned out that the spell John cast on Chas caused his body to swallow up all the dead souls. While at Newcastle, John accidentally damned Astra's soul to Hell trying to extort the demon Nergal into fighting another demon for him. Arrowverse; Alternate Versions of John Constantine; Constantine (2014 TV Series) Arrow (2012 TV Series) Legends of Tomorrow (2016 TV Series) Earth-1 (Arrowverse) Earth-Prime (Arrowverse) Legends (Arrowverse) Some time later, the preacher was visited by Constantine, who was trying to collect the pen. [37], During the recording of the documentary Meet the Legends, John and Gary were called by a mother who had her son possessed by a demon. Jeremy Davies as Ritchie Simpson 2. After shaking off and returning to teaching, the professor stopped using the dictaphone during his lectures and spoke himself - he taught based on what he had experienced. The disturbance ended up in the appearance of a Hellish Unicorn in 1969's Woodstock, leading to the aberration of "Woodstock Massacre", where many attending hippies were slain by the beast. Constantine unleashes the power of Pazuzu on Lamashtu. John stops the spell when she is in the form of Amaya, so when he uses a spell to take away her abilities she gets trapped in that form and gets thrown in the holding cell in the lab on the Waverider.[27]. When he didn't respond to her advances, the widow shouted at him and made a scene in front of the guests, publicly showing Constantine out of her house. Soon after, Zed and John broke into the Fell's house. Soon after, the man went to Zed's room, where he found out about the friend's results as presented by Dr. Galen. In his teenage years, John was introduced into the occult world by Anne Marie. As expected, they were attacked by Papa Midnite's voodoo zombie, whom Corrigan had shot at the last moment. So they went to the front of the Lopez house, where they found no fetus, but the fruit on the tree was made of skin and blood. The exorcist believed that a musician, Ian Fell, was behind everything, whom he attacked and accused of murdering Bernie. They are before long defied by a lady with a firearm and gloss over themselves as the dead person's accomplice. She referred to Constantine's words that no price is too high if an innocent person can be saved. Constantine comes back to the Waverider, frustrated. To this end, Julio collected entire supplies of heroin from all prisoners, which they then injected intravenously into Constantine. They feels that perhaps Astra can in any case be spared, however Constantine says no. When Zed tried to inspect her with her visions, she saw a bright light, but the narrative interrupted the cardiac arrest of the test patient whom the doctors were trying to save. As John began to recite an incantation to send the demon back to hell, Astra appeared. Whenever Tommy came home from drinking, which John stated was "every night", he would physically abuse his son, reminding him that Mary Anne died because of him. He denied it, but then started to run away. After a while, Lily was brought to the exit by friends who could not leave this place themselves. They both revealed that they had recently contacted a certain Papa Midnite, whom Constantine decided to visit. Despite John's bleak view of the world and cynicism, he is a very honorable man as he is always there for the few friends he has, helping Chas to retrieve his daughter from Felix Faust and helping Oliver Queen to restore Sara Lance's soul, he also did a protection spell on Oliver despite his refusal to have attachments to individuals when he saw Oliver had a pure heart. Several dozen minutes later, after the fire brigade arrived, John had the opportunity to quietly talk to Renee. She tried to sic Coblynau on Constantine but forgot the fact that Coblynau is spirits of dead miners, which allowed John to summon her own husband as one, to take its revenge on the one who killed him. His motto is "relax and the work just flows". Constantine, however, remembered the spell cast by him and wrote it to Zed. When the door opened, the empath saw the street and a broken tree, and then a car racing towards her. Therefore, he decided to accept John's offer and work with him, but John in return wanted to contact Hell with the help of his sister, after executing the plan. Soon after, Zed found John at the dump, where she chased away the stranger who was trying to kill him. After finding a universe that could fit their needs, Sara had Constantine promise that once Oliver came back, John could retrieve Oliver's soul, but due to the dying multiverse, his magic failed when he tried using a spell to get to Oliver's purgatory in order to get the latter's soul back. After exorcizing the woman, John saw that she wrote the words "Liv Die". He tried to make a deal with the angel Gabriel, but he didn't accept. After that, the team returned to Atlanta, where they found a moment to rest.[7]. The symbol itself was used to stigmatize witches in the 12th century, implying that the girls were abducted by a Satanist. After leaving the hideout, John, furious with Chandler for disobeying him, dismissed him from the case and decided to act alone with Zed. Much to Felicity's confusion, he requested a peacock feather, which he used only to scratch his back. As soon as the doctor left the room, Constantine tried to explain that people were always looking for a cause-and-effect relationship without seeing the other side of the medallion. [4] John talk with Zed about her powers and weaknesses, Constantine returned to the mill, where Chas studied the bloody map and the radio for information on supernatural events. After a little argument, the men decided to visit this mystical world on their own and performed a ritual that allowed them to enter there. Upon entering the spirit world, in the shape of Nanda Parbat, John, Oliver, and Laurel found the room where Sara was trapped in the Lazarus Pit.

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