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You can become a rep for a musician by working at a music marketing firm or by starting your own. The business side of music is not always as glamorous as the performances. Musical therapists use sound to help improve the mental state of others. Access to internships should be a deciding factor for where you study music, said Michael McCutcheon, a career coach at Wanderlust Careers. In many cases, festivals employ a volunteer coordinator to both recruit and manage volunteers. A talent manager or booker is in charge of securing key entertainers for the festival's lineup. Music Business Careers. Seek programs with excellent internship programs and networking opportunities, which can be just as vital to your success as your understanding of your courses. They can work in schools or for themselves. For instance, here are 10 behind-the-scenes jobs for music lovers. As a bonus, many of the fun jobs featured … They give you the chance to experience the work and uncover the parts you don't like.Â. You get the emails in your inbox or follow your favorite festival on Facebook or Instagram. From huge music festivals to yoga, dance, arts, food, and beer festivals, festivals are becoming a summer staple across the world. Read on for our take on why these different jobs can fit into your music industry career goals, and start building the … We list 100 fun jobs and their pay. They manage the artistic and technical aspects of the recording session. Of course, sponsors won’t just get on board with any festival. She has been a reporter for several New York publications prior to joining Business News Daily and as a full-time staff writer. All of these jobs have a hand in the overall sound and feel of the game. This creative industry needs more than instruments and performers, so there are multiple paths you can take to be part of it. 1 hit. Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links. This is an incredible way to give back to your community, help students develop their talents and teach them the fundamentals of music. If you're looking for a career that allows you to surround yourself with music, some of the lesser-known avenues in the music industry can give you that and more, depending on your interests. Recording engineers and video/sound engineers are two of the highest-paid careers in the music industry. When she isn't writing, she enjoys community enrichment projects that serve disadvantaged groups and rereading her favorite novels. Others are fun with the right attitude. The musical section teaches music theory like aural comprehension, music history, keyboard skills, and music in contemporary world culture. Sponsors make a festival come to life, and in many cases, sponsorship revenue is a huge component of a festival’s overall income. All of those efforts don’t come out of thin air. Music directors or conductors are responsible for leading orchestras and choirs. First of all, it is important to understand how this field has changed. Today, artists and their teams have more control over the distribution of their music than they once did: how it's advertised, how new music is released and how concerts are promoted. It has also changed the control that artists and their publicists or managers have over their brand and image. "You need resilience," Miller said. Festival producers need to convince like-minded brands and organizations that their event will be an opportunity to connect with potential customers and increase awareness and engagement. Jobs you can get with a music business degree You don't have to be a performer to work in the music industry. Musical therapists can work through a private practice or at hospitals, mental health agencies, rehab centers, day care, nursing homes and schools, according to the American Music Therapy Association. Perhaps you hear about the headliners on the radio, or you pick up a flyer. Being a music franchise owner allows you to explore the entrepreneurial side of music. You're a mover and shaker. As a music teacher, you can share your skills with musically inclined students. Writing for a music magazine like Rolling Stone or Billboard, you can cover concerts, profile artists and review new albums. Even if you're just freelancing or working for a small, local outlet and producing content about your local music scene, your writing could influence many readers to get more involved in music. For instance, here are 10 behind-the-scenes jobs for music lovers. Festivals need a strong visual presence to catch your eye and to keep you entertained: from advertisements to posters, banners to stage and set decor, wristbands to program guides, visual images are key. What Job Titles Can You Expect in Public Relations Careers? "It's a well-rounded program that engages the left and right brain," Miller told Business News Daily. Best Social Media Career Options to Consider, How to Get Your Band Booked for a Music Festival, Social Media Skills for Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews, 8 Great Seasonal Jobs and How to Get Them, Top 10 Best Jobs for Communication Majors, Social Media Manager Resume and Cover Letter Examples. He or she might also serve as the public face or spokesperson for the festival in interviews. Interview Questions for an Event Planner Position, What You Should Include in a Resume Skills Section, 27 Jobs Where You Can Set Your Own Schedule, Here's a List of the Top 10 Jobs for Marketing Majors, Best Tips for Creating a Professional Brand. Careers in music are hot commodities, and it’s easy to see why: the excitement, the perks, and the love of music itself. Apps like TikTok, SoundCloud, Instagram and Spotify have changed the way music is consumed and, thanks to social media, the way it is shared and advertised as well. Some jobs are naturally awesome fun. Of course, festivals can't rely solely on volunteers to get the heavy lifting done. It's not an easy field to break into, but if you have a knack for poetry, you should consider becoming a lyricist for a musician, sharing your own stories and experiences. That might be a problem if you're not familiar with the day-to-day of your field. Not only will you be able to enjoy the events you work, but you'll have the chance to meet new people and connect with others who share your love of the art. Each song tells a story, and the charm of words can make a No. Besides teaching you microeconomics and concert management skills, a program with stable and long-standing relationships with music companies will benefit your future. You see the ads on the Internet, or on the street. You can channel your passion by promoting your love of the art and support for the industry. Music agents or reps help musicians handle their contacts, events, social media and the many opportunities offered to them each day. Depending on the size of the festival, volunteer teams can exceed 100 to 200 people, or sometimes more. Apps like TikTok and SoundCloud have changed the way listeners consume music and how businesses market artists and their work. Music teachers can use their creative skills and music training to develop aspiring young minds. Earning the music business degree itself is no walk in the park either. There are a lot of practices specific to accounting for wristbands events, so festival companies often look for accountants who have experience in the field. In this day and age, it’s pretty much required for any legitimate festival to have an active and engaging presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and somebody’s got to make it happen. It takes a diverse and hardworking team to bring a festival to life. Being in a place where you can secure internships and opportunities at nearby record labels or companies is an important advantage. Video and sound engineers have one of the highest-paying jobs in the music industry. Recording engineers record, edit, and mix sound for artists or music companies. An event producer coordinates and oversees all aspects of the festival: the event space, they running of the show, the talent, the vendors, the quality of the attendee experience, and logistical details like budget, production timelines and much, much more. Some of the top cities for music are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Nashville.Â. "It trains students to invent the future of the music business. According to a recent report by Berklee College of Music, the average musician earns $55,561 per year. You can earn certification through various music therapy programs that teach you how to apply various techniques to patients in different settings. Lyricists or songwriters are a huge part of the music-making process. Sammi Caramela contributed to the reporting and writing in this article. Simone R. Johnson was born and raised in New York City. Pipe Dream? Musicians are just one of the many moving parts that help the music industry run. Typically, volunteers receive free admission to the festival in exchange for their assistance. This isn’t an easy task, which is why many festivals and large event companies hire a sponsorship or sales team to obtain partnership agreements with key partners. "You may realize partway into the job that you don't want to do this anymore," McCutcheon said. Being an entrepreneur can be difficult, but it's not without its... American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. [Read related article: 5 Music Industry Startups That Are Positively Impacting Artists]. Musicians may not be selling CDs like they used to, but streaming platforms have taken up the mantle. In this role, you're responsible for mapping the sound and voice effects for video games. ... Music therapists use their enthusiasm and therapy education to help others find solace, inspiration, and motivation through music. You make things happen. In fact, many festivals employ their own in-house marketing team, focusing on everything from developing social media platforms to ads to billboards, all promoting the festival. Social media has enabled fans to segment themselves into fandoms or large supporting groups, which allows musicians to make substantial income based on their talent, endorsements, ads or views. Everyone wants to work a fun job. Many companies recruit outgoing, engaging, and friendly people to promote their products or company at events, including at festivals. "When you're looking at the business side or hope to run your own company or label, that requires focus, work ethic, and working hard in some areas that don't come so easy to the student.". Speaking of social media, if you’re a networking maven and also a festival fan, consider pursuing a job in social media management or marketing. DJs bring parties to life, using their mastery of music and beats to entertain crowds. Accordingly, there are a lot of different jobs associated with festivals. The Best Jobs You Can Get With Your College Major, 5 Music Industry Startups That Are Positively Impacting Artists, Grab Your Headphones: 50 Inspirational Songs for Entrepreneurs, TikTok for Business: How You Can Use This New Social Network, 22 Great Jobs for People Who Love to Travel. Whether you specialize in teaching a specific instrument or want to teach music generals, you'll likely find joy in sharing your expertise with others. Coordinating the flights, lodging, and transportation of so many people, and in some cases, important headliners​ isn’t an easy task.

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