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99. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Not only that, you also get that rather cool Police truck with an opening hatch at the back and a tow line. Neat! This rescue training centre is the ultimate training ground. It is easy to flip open the doors and reveal the helicopter’s turbines by pushing the Paw Patrol badge. Paw Patrol is a TV show that premiered on Nickelodeon. Use the turn signals, check the rear-view mirror and honk the horn. Each action will reveal numbers, road safety tips, and more. Anyone who has kids knows that a big play mat like this is essential for playtime. The set also contains a helicopter with movable turbines. Chances are kids won’t have this version of the figure, meaning they’ll have even more pups to play with. Forward, turn, that’s all you need. In fact, one of the rescue vehicles is Rocky’s Recycling Truck — a bright green and steel recycling truck with an orange lift. More Buying Choices. What more could a child ask for? It also comes with a ladder that lifts and lowers. $14.99 $ 14. It also comes with Marshall and a mini fire cart. The Paw Terrain vehicle is easily the coolest-looking Paw Patrol vehicle available. It’s one of the best toys for 3 year old boys that you can buy in 2019. Your child will feel like Ryder, the leader of the Paw Patrol. It’s an awesome replica of the Sea Patroller seen in the show, and it has flashing lights and sounds. Best Seller. This set really is everything a kid could want. For a start, it comes with the main six pups. It’s the perfect addition to any bedroom or playroom, especially if they love Paw Patrol. It comes with tower, a Chase figure, and a vehicle. It comes with an exclusive motorized Rocky and Farmer Al in a truck, track that pieces together, and as the name suggests, a barn. This pack features a firetruck, but not just any old firetruck. Grab Rocky and Farmer Al and sending them whizzing around the track. VTECH is, of course, well-known for its high-quality tech-infused toddler toys, and the VTECH Treat Time Marshall is another example of that quality. Got the vehicles and looking to bolster your figure collection? Another great new Paw Patrol this year is the all-new Launch’N Haul Paw Patroller – another 2-in-1 toy your child is going to absolutely love. The Marshall toy is interactive, as he plays music and speaks in his familiar voice, saying various catchphrases from the show. Разгледайте всички предложения на Paw Patrol и поръчайте лесно! Each pup is inspired by a real-life rescue officer like fire fighter, policer officer, and even a construction worker. The product is easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. Kids can re-enact the scenes from the TV show and have more fun while playing. The toy depicts Paw Patrol on a roll to collect both Marshall and chase jumbo action pups for a team adventure. With this, your kids can pretend to go on adventures with Ryder, whether on an ATV or a snowmobile. There are tons of Paw Patrol plush toys available now, but the cutest of the bunch is the Skye plush, obviously. Being able to drive a car around your living area, or in this case a firetruck, is going to keep them entertained for hours at a time. Paw Patrol Basic Vehicle Chase Infant Toys, Multicolor 1 375,00 ₹ The product is a great gift to kids aged three years and older. One set to get to them all rather needing to buy several sets to complete the line-up. Rubble’s Transforming Bulldozer has working wheels and awesome moving scoops that is able to transform into two different vehicles. The cruiser comes with one chase figure and one transforming police cruiser. Out of all of the cool Paw Patrol toys we played with on this list, the Rescue Fire Truck was our favorite. This toy vehicle set comes with one Rubble figure and one transforming bulldozer. Skye’s transforming sea patrol vehicle is another great vehicle from the show. It comes with Chase, Zuma, and Marshall Rescue Racers. The Rocky figure can be placed inside a slot on the truck. Blending problem-solving skills with cool rescue vehicles and your favourite plucky pups, discover PAW Patrol toys, outdoor toys, clothing and … The set includes four figures, namely Marshall and Chase, the rescue dogs with special talents, Ryder, who is a tech-savvy boy with an appetite of adventure, and the Robo Dog. Please read our Disclaimer. The Super Mighty Pups Lookout Tower also has an epic zipline and a cool working elevator that your kids will absolutely love, since it can be seen in many of the Paw Patrol episodes on Nick Jr. We also added it to our mega list of the best new toys of 2019. This set also comes with two exclusive figures in Chase and the T-Rex. There’s a pretty cool set of Paw Patrol vehicles available right now, and our favorite of the bunch is the Paw Patrol Rocky’s Recycling Truck. It comes with Ryder and his ATV. Helpful. Most loved PAW Patrol. This Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre is built to enhance skills with tennis ball target practice, zip line rides, and tree rescues. It even won at the Toy of the Year Awards earlier this year! Now, what makes this RIDICULOUSLY cool is that when you have all 6 Mighty Pups (sold separately, unfortunately) on the platform at the top placed on the light with its corresponding uniform color, Ryder will give your kids missions! The toy is suitable for children aged three years and older. It comes with four illustrated books that center around teamwork and friendship – which is what you’d expect from anything relating to Paw Patrols. The pack is designed to enhance the imagination through role-playing several exciting rescue missions from the TV show. And when that firetruck is Marshall’s fire truck from Paw Patrol, you’ve got yourself the perfect fire truck for your kids … This awesome Paw Patroller can hold up to three of the Paw Patrol vehicles inside. Get ready for your mission with PAW Patrol toys and playsets! The front forks on the truck are movable too. The set comes along with various styles of the rescue team and requires no batteries at the time of operation. This set includes one Rocky figure and one highly-detailed ultimate rescue recycling truck. $21.99 (15 new offers) Manufacturer recommended age: 3 - 5 Years. It also feels a bit more durable than many of the other playsets out there, making it the perfect option for Christmas. The hot new Paw Patrol toy of 2019 is this mega Super Mighty Pups Lookout Tower, which stands at 2 and 3/4 feet tall! on the front of it, and it plays different sounds. The Skye figure comes wearing her signature uniform and is all set to head the mission. 1-24 of 102 results for Toys & Games: Paw Patrol Toys. Steam rollers are always super cool-looking, and that’s why Rubble the bulldog is one of the coolest members of the Paw Patrol team. Here are a few that fit: Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. It transforms from hover mode to sub mode, and it comes with a Ryder figure. Like the many different Octonauts toys available, Paw Patrol also has a ton of vehicle options for your kids to play with. The interactive game for friends and family helps develop problem-solving skills. Don’t you just love great value? This pack comes with Marshell, Skye, and Rubble – all of which come with pop-up attachments. If the above pups aren’t your favorites, there are other packs through the link with different pups in. For example, feed him the D treat and he’ll say, “Search and rescue for the letter D.” With the Treat Time Marshall, your kids will learn about phonics, letters, colors, and more. Show only Paw Patrol items. The Paw Patrol Figure Set comes with exciting toys and figures that let your child take the play to a new level. Two figures, one transforming vehicle, all for the one affordable price. Spin Master says any of the basic Paw Patroller Vehicles fit in the Paw Patroller. There’s also a Rescue Racers Track available, but honestly, it’s a bit frivolous and not the greatest quality. Shop all PAW Patrol. Push a button and watch this thing whizz around the floor. It scales with all the other Paw Patrol toys, but it’s still absolutely gigantic when you’ve got it say next to the push along vehicles. $69.99 . It’ll also illuminate the pup that’s right for the job! This vehicle based on Everest’s Rescue Snowmobile is an absolutely must-have toy for young kids who love the series. Ages: 36 months - 5 years. Check out Ryder’s Pup Pad by Spin Master toys. 4.5 out of 5 stars 504 ₹875 ₹ 875 ₹1,099 ₹1,099 Save ₹224 (20%) 10% off with AU Bank Debit Cards. If there are two things kids love, it’s Paw Patrol and dinosaurs. The helicopter toy car includes a collectible Skye figure wearing her signature uniform and is all set for the mission. В Raya Toys ще откриете широка гама продукти на Paw Patrol. 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,776. Now, your kids can bring home Rubble’s awesome Steam Roller Construction Vehicle, complete with a Rubble figure. This transforming Paw Patrol vehicle changes from a helicopter to a plane so that your kids can take-on more Paw Patrol missions. The Paw Patrol Figure Set comes with exciting toys and figures that let your child take the play to a new level. It is used to pick heavy loads on construction sites. And when that firetruck is Marshall’s fire truck from Paw Patrol, you’ve got yourself the perfect fire truck for your kids to play with. PAW Patrol toys. The turbines rotate, the hook flips up and open, and the wheels really work; it’s the perfect play vehicle for your child’s adventures. It is designed to enhance a child’s role-play, imagination, and ability to work in a team. This sea patrol vehicle comes with all features needed for land and water rescue missions. The Sub Patroller is another one of my favorite toys that can be seen used frequently in the Paw Patrol cartoon on Nick Jr. It fits in perfectly with the rest of their Paw Patrol collection, and it’s sure to keep them entertained for more than just a few minutes. It comes with a moving hydraulic forklift and it uses lights and sounds taken directly from the show. Now, there’s the Lights and Sounds Recycling Truck Vehicle that your kids can bring home today. The firetruck is decently-sized, too. You can buy the PAW Patrol, Chase Remote Control Police Cruiser with 2-Way Steering, Remote Control Dump Truck with Soft Body and 2-way Steering, Zuma's Transforming Hovercraft, and … The pop-out tools can be activated by pushing the Paw Patrol badge on the front of the Rubble figure. The popularity of the show has led to the creation of various toy lines based on the characters of Paw Patrol. If you buy a couple of them, you can race them with your kids. This thing switches from a deluxe jet to a complete mobile command headquarters that your kids can play with their Paw Patrol figures in! Apart from these PAW Patrol toys, you can also buy the plush versions of all the original PAW Patrol show’s characters. Non perdere le iniziative e gli sconti dedicati ai nuovi iscritti. Best of all? It shoots water up to 30 feet, and the tank holds 33 ounces. Paw Patrol. The Mission Cruiser transforms into a control center, and it can launch the new mini vehicles when the side door opens up. The only downside to this one is you’ll need a total of, Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle, this mega Super Mighty Pups Lookout Tower, Spin Master PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Helicopter, Marshall Split-Second 2-in-1 Transforming Fire Truck Pack, Paw Patrol Chase’s Total Team Rescue Police Cruiser Vehicle, Lights and Sounds Recycling Truck Vehicle, Mighty Pups Super Paws Marshall’s Powered Up Fire Truck, 9 Best Riding Toys for Toddlers: Compare & Save (2018). Push the Paw Patrol badge on the back of Chase’s cruiser to open the side doors and reveal the Megaphones. 13 Cool House Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids, 11 Best Sous Vide Machines To Buy In 2020, 21 Best Literary Books To Buy for Children In 2020. Artificial Sweeteners In Pregnancy: Which Ones Are Safe & Unsafe? Dinosaurs (5) Disney (1) Paw Patrol (99) Sports (2) Toy Story (1) Boxing Day. Kids can re-enact the scenes from the TV show and have more fun while playing. His ears and eyes are motorized and also react. If your little one is into ride-ons, then you can also buy PAW Patrol toy vehicles online for him/her. The Paw Patrol TV show is recommended for kids ages 3 and up, but as far as the toys are concerned, you can find some that are available for 2 year olds. The animated show tells the story of a young boy named Ryder, who leads a group of search and rescue dogs. The training centre does not require batteries and is specially made for children of ages three years and above. The mission cruiser toy requires three AG 13 batteries that are included in the pack. They’re better off just playing with them on a table or on the rug. The camera also has night vision, a wide angle view and motion detection with alert capabilities. Other vehicles and adventure cards are sold separately, but this is more than enough to get them started on their rescue missions. As a parent, it’s super helpful to have a wi-fi capable, hi-def camera in the playroom so that you can check in on your playing kids every once in a while. It comes with one of the robot true metal vehicles as well as a flame accessory. It has real lights and sounds as well, and it comes with a working crane. PAW Patrol is on a roll! It is a good gift for your child to have a role-playing and adventurous experience at home. This ultimate rescue recycling truck comes with a rear flap that opens and closes like a real truck. The product is certainly quite a fun toy for young Paw Patrol fans. With that in mind, let’s check out the Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle. It’s not giant by any means but it’s not tiny either. The Sea Patrol Pup Pad is a wearable that goes on your child’s wrist, and it comes with six different animated missions cards that bring the adventure! VTech also has a great Paw Patrol-themed megaphone which acts as a cool voice changer for your kids. If the Sea Patroller and the fire truck are a bit too much for your child, get them a simple Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Set. Paw Patrol Paw Patrol Nickelodeon Chase Soft Toy Spin Master Figure, Toys for Boys, 3 Years & Above, Pre School , Action Figures. The bulldozer comes with a scoop on the front and back that moves up and down. It features five effects for changing your child’s voice. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. PAW Patrol. The Spin Master PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Helicopter has room for two pup figures (it comes with a Skye and Marshell figure). The Marshall Split-Second 2-in-1 Transforming Fire Truck Pack features two of the most popular Paw Patrol character in Marshell and Rubble. It comes with the batteries already! This thing is freaking huge, too. Marshall’s Read-to-Me Adventure is one of VTech’s best toys to date. This bad boy is motorized. The Mission Cruiser includes one mission cruises, one mini-vehicle, one Robo dog, one mission card, and one instruction guide. The set is perfect for taking your kid on an adventurous experience. Want to fuel imaginative and role-play? A standard vehicle size between 5.5-6 inches will fit the Paw Patrol tower. One of the many themes that the Paw Patrol TV series touches upon is the importance of recycling. Airing in over 160 countries, in 30 languages, PAW Patrol is consistently ranked as one of, if not the, top-rated preschool series with toys, apparel, packaged goods, publishing, entertainment and much more to satisfy every preschooler. Your favourite pups are now available in super pup mode with Mighty Pups Super PAWs pups and playsets, or as supercharged heroes with brand new PAW Patrol Charged Up toys. The Paw Patrol Dog House Bingo by Fisher-Price tasks kids with being the first to match all 3 color chips to their fence card in order to score BINGO! You don’t want something overly-complex in this age bracket. And if that’s not exciting enough, it also includes all the batteries you need. Love. Each vehicle comes with a Marshall figure in a Sea Patrol uniform to make missions more fun for kids. Luckily, we're in the know here at, as we've been hands-on with many new toys this year in preparation for the rest of the year - after all, you've likely got birthday gifts and holiday gifts to buy, right? It unfolds from the fire truck to create a small, highly portable playset that your kids will find exciting. Paw Patroller is the ultimate rescue vehicle in the series and can transport three other Paw Patrol vehicles inside and display six vehicles when opened. The wheels actually roll as they should, too, so your child can have racers with their new canine friends.

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