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Note: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 1. Closely thereafter they’re followed by Missandei and Grey Worm on horseback, who are getting stared at like Django riding into town. Read our recap of the Season 7 finale here. Rounding out the bottom of the lineup are Tyrion and Varys riding in a carriage. Or there will be no mercy for him.”, As the camera slinks down, Joffrey’s throne swallows Sansa into darkness as she says in a small voice: “He will…”. Giggity. Who is going to die? Jon has a “DAFUQ?”-look on his face, and mentions the difficulty of leadership and crowns. Lannister guards interrupt their lesson led by one solider so massive and wearing such complicated armor that for a moment I thought he was a Transformers Decepticon. For no reason whatsoever, it’s there and part of our memories forever. Check out my interview with the Thrones producers about this week’s episode on the Inside TV blog, where they talk about Jason Momoa’s big fight scene. It’s like dropping your kid off a block from school so his friends won’t tease him. They land at a secluded, romantic spot and kiss passionately. Her instructor convinces Arya to run away and awesomely fights the men using only his wooden practice sword. Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. In the distance, Dany and Jon talk about how much Sansa dislikes her new Queen. Cersei’s reply is an interesting one, “You might be the most arrogant man I’ve ever met. I’m better looking.”. The Night’s Watch guy must have been “killed” by one of those White Walker things we saw in the very first episode. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/c7HTU3jZz5, — Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) April 15, 2019. Euron has returned with the Golden Company troops. We get some Walking Dead action as Jon destroys the zombie. “If the day ever comes when you’re tempted to sell me out, whatever their price, I’ll beat it,” Tyrion says. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Smiles. She’s excited to see the never-ending troops. Sansa’s too busy getting in Jon’s business, wanting to know if he’s with Daenerys to save the north or for love. But they could have at least done it like a TV network firing an executive and told him privately, leaked the news to the press, then issued a praise-filled press release wishing him “good luck on his future endeavors.”. 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Outside, ravens fly in all directions as Robb spams the North with an r-mail blast — a giant cloud of urgent news that can poop on you. Meanwhile Bran is in his room when all of a sudden some child just wanders into our scene and started talking to him. Fans were stunned when Arya Stark killed the Night King , shattering all White Walkers and wights as well as our understanding of what arc the final season … He tells her he’s not worried about the side he’s on, but he plans on fornicating with Queen Cersei. She doesn’t hug him until all the other men are out of the room — she cannot do anything to make him look weak in front of the men. Your privacy is safe with us. He makes his way to town and there are people lining the streets as a phalanx of soldiers marches by. Jon then hugs Sansa in the first reunion of Season 8. The following contains spoilers from “Game of Thrones” Season 8 Episode 1, "Winterfell." Perhaps Martin feels a bit more free to find humor within his material. Arya is in the crowd. “I already have!” Drogo says, and rips out the man’s freakin’ tongue and throws it onto the ground — the tribe has spoken! Then Sam slams down the Lyanna Stark & Rhaegar Targaryen hammer. “Who knows what treason she may hatch?”. Does this conversation with Bran now qualify as yet another example of Thrones‘ “sexposition”? Somebody else wants to lead the vanguard and things get heated. It’s like she married a guy, and is only now seeing how he acts when he’s out partying with his friends. He’s right next to Daenerys. Please no spoilers in the comments; follow me on Twitter here and– … You’re still thinking about Hodor aren’t you? Offers may be subject to change without notice. “See how fierce she grows?” says Drogo, all proud. The man finds this hilarious, though, and falls in line. Upstairs: The queen and her council put the screws to Sansa, putting on a show for her benefit to convince her to pen a letter to her brother Robb so he doesn’t do anything crazy like, say, raise and army and fight to save their father. Jon Snow’s reply is simple: he chose the North over his own crown. The road: Tyrion is back! Jon officially knows his real name is Aegon Targaryen, heir to the Iron Throne. The duo are then surrounded by some rugged Mountain Men, and Tyrion once again talks himself out of certain death (and out of being made to “dance for the children,” which you suspect he would hate even worse than death). Maybe more on the Waif. Not in front of the guys! You can relax now. Jaime recognizes Bran, hoping for memory loss. She wants to thank him for curing Greyscale and asks what she can do. Spoiler alert! Imagine if you’re at lunch chatting with co-workers and all of a sudden a bunch of sword-wielding psychotics rush into the break room and start killing everybody. Catelyn seems like one of those really intense stage moms. Is it a fire?! They’re followed by The Hound, who gets fewer smiles, and Gendry, who turns that frown upside down. Catelyn starts to object to his mercy, but Robb gives her a very stern look — Mooooom! Arya finds her real sword, when some snot-nosed kid tries to capture her and she — hello, stabs him somewhat accidentally in the belly. “Your sweet words have moved me,” Joffrey says, and its tough to tell here if he’s being sincere. It looks like a break in, and there are no survivors at all. But he can’t try to save his dad since he just swore to spend his life defending a giant ice wall. It consists of ten episodes, each of approximately 55 minutes. The two dragons take them through snowy canyons, dive bombing to the ice surface for thrills. They sail away to the Iron Islands, with her plans to set up a safe-haven for Dany and her army if they can’t hold the North. “If her wailing offends you, we will bring you her tongue,” a warrior offers, which just misses the point entirely. NEXT: Arya draws blood; Varys torments Ned. Her Septa kindly warns the girl to run and then walks right up to the big soldiers, looking like some kind of sacrificial Obi-Nun Kenobi. The dragons fly over Winterfell and provide perhaps the most complete, sweeping, beautiful shot of the city’s entirety of the entire Game of Thrones series. He has Yara tied up in the hull of the ship. Little does he know the bun is already in the oven. One of the unforeseen aspects of Jon’s departure for reinforcements is the fracturing of the Northern Lords. To make matters worse, Bran says, “It’s time to tell Jon the truth.” Sam retorts, “You’re his brother!” The 3EB saw this coming, however, and quickly says “Not it!” So it’s up to Sam because Jon trusts him. Sansa, like most spoiled kids, is quick to sense when she starts to have some leverage, and smartly asks what will happen to her father. Hidden Remote 1 year Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannister is the most relatable character in Season 8, Episode 1 Hidden Remote 1 year Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 2 preview and trailer Bran looks at Jaime with a “Don’t think I forgot about the window”-look on his face. But, hey, no pressure Robb! The make small talk about the last time they were together at Joffrey’s wedding, and Tyrion notes it was a miserable affair. Staring contest, go!!! In a scene added from the books, Drogo squares off against the warrior in combat, and shows why he’s such the badass, dropping his weapons and ducking his opponents swings.

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