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ASLA 2019 Professional Residential Design Honor Award. 636 Eye Street NW. A honeycomb-like membrane holds the soil together on the waves, allowing for the rich plantings on each slope. Register now for upcoming webinars and virtual events. WASLA offers a wide range of benefits with membership, all designed to give landscape architecture professionals extraordinary value while providing resources and tools to expand their businesses. Sustainability has been part of ASLA’s mission since its founding and is an overarching value that informs all of the Society… Caddo Parish, Louisiana, gets 5 to 6 feet of rain every year. The American Society of Landscape Architects. © Copyright 2020 | Washington Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects120 State Ave NE #303 Olympia WA 98501Phone: 360-867-8820Email: [email protected] Privacy Policy, Playcore - Infusing Nature into the Everyday Spaces of Childhood, Playcore - Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks: Best Practices for Promoting Community Health by Increasing Physical Activity, Becoming a WASLA Strategic Support Partner. The Washington Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is the professional society that represents the landscape architecture profession in Washington State. The Society’s mission is to advance landscape architecture through advocacy, communication, education, and fellowship. We welcome member participation within our Public Relations, Outreach and/or Advocacy committees as we work together, as a Chapter, towards better representing all members in Washington State, increasing diverse representation of future landscape architecture professionals, and expanding equitable opportunities within landscape architecture as a whole. The soil (and plants that reside there) cleans and stores rainwater, keeping thousands of gallons out of the DC sewer system each year. At Young Nick's Head, a peninsula on the east coast of New Zealand, Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects are transforming a 3,000-acre sheep farm into a wildlife sanctuary. In Queens, New York, the next generation of waterfront park is here. Huiwen Shi, Student International ASLA; Lide Li, Student Affiliate ASLA. 1-888-999-2752 (Toll Free) Fax: 202-898-1185. Place. We invite all members to participate in the dialogues and actions required to progress and evolve our chapter. Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. led the design process, collaborating with Conservation Design Forum to develop the design and specifications for the approximately 3,000 square-foot roof surface. The Navy abandoned Philadelphia's Navy Yard in the mid-1990s but left a rich legacy of infrastructure and buildings that became the headquarters for Urban Outfitters. LEES+Associates / TSC Photography. To become a member of WASLA, you must first become of member of ASLA and indicate that you wish to be affiliated with the Washington Chapter. When a landscape architect faces a change in conditions for their project, they have to revise the plans—just as we’ve had to do with the conference when faced with the COVID-19 crisis. Free PDH of the Month, for ASLA members only! The goal is to create a hub for innovation and collaboration through improvements to the public realm. Transformative Ecological Restoration: Farms to Wetlands - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW). Studio salvaged left-over materials, reworking them into something boldly new. Founded in 1899, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is the professional association for landscape architects in the United States, representing more than 15,000 members. Email: The American Society of Landscape Architects. OUR MISSION as a landscape architecture organization is to lead, to educate and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning and artful design of our cultural and natural environments. Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects designed this haven for the Gary Comer Youth Center to also be a learning environment. All sessions will be available on-demand starting on November 23 and through January 31, 2021. The 3,000 square-foot roof keeps over 30,000 gallons of stormwater out of the DC sewer system each year-more than 77 percent of all precipitation that falls on the roof-and is reducing the amount of nitrogen entering the watershed. WASLA understands that actions are critically necessary to make change and the first step occurs with dialogue, discussions, and ideas as we strategically develop a plan for action. headquarters. Phone: 202-898-2444. Hassalo on Eighth. To escape rising tides, a couple moved their house 400 feet inland. In New Orleans, the 3-mile-long Lafitte Greenway, covering some 50 acres of barren land, will become a sustainable transportation corridor. Landscapes play a vital role in society and there are many opportunities in our State for us to create equitable communities both in physical space and within the offices and workplaces of the A&E industry. There, LaGuardia Landscape Architects recreated the historic coastal landscape of dunes and meadows. ASLA 2020 Student Award of Excellence in Analysis & Planning. This green roof in Chicago not only cools the air and absorbs stormwater, but also produces 1,000 pounds of organic food annually. To improve biodiversity, both saltwater and freshwater wetlands are being restored. Email: The most important role ASLA takes on for you as a landscape architect or designer, is legal advocacy for the profession on the federal (National) … As Landscape Architects, we must be stewards for our environment, community and neighbors. Honoring Native American Heritage Through Collaborative Design, 2020 ASLA Medal Winner: Anne Whiston Spirn, ASLA 2020 Honors and President's Medal Presentatoin, ASLA 2020 Professional and Student Awards Ceremony, Introducing ASLA's New CEO: Torey Carter-Conneen, ASLA Climate Action with President Wendy Miller, FASLA, Southeast Coast Regional Climate Action Event, 2019 ASLA Award of Excellence | Heritage Flume, 2019 ASLA Honor Award | Sundance Square Plaza, The American Society ofLandscape Architects, Subscribe to Landscape Architecture Magazine, © 2020 The American Society of Landscape Architects. Washington, D.C. 20001-3736. Phone: 202-898-2444 1-888-999-2752 (Toll Free) Fax: 202-898-1185. Stones etched with his name are meant to be taken, as they are continuously replenished. In Beirut, Lebanon, the scene of decades of violence, a new memorial by Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture honors Gebran Tueni, a journalist assassinated by a car bomb. We can do better. A courtyard and green roof absorb stormwater runoff, protecting the nearby marsh from pollution. Iqaluit Municipal Cemetery, Iqaluit, NU, Canada. For those who watched live: complete evaluations and quizzes by December 11. We must listen to and stand in support of black communities, and pledge to fight against the perpetuation of inequality and institutionalized racism. Washington, D.C. 20001-3736. 1-888-999-2752 (Toll Free) Fax: 202-898-1185. Chosen from 567 submissions, this year’s 31 Professional Award winners represent the best of landscape architecture. Should We Place Any Value in the 100-Year Storm? Natural Landscape Design for New England: An Intensive Virtual Course, Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF): 2020, Call for Abstracts - Cities in a Changing Worls: Questions of Culture, Climate and Design, Coming up on December 8! In Sagaponack, New York, the Atlantic Ocean is slowly encroaching due to climate change. West Oakland: From T.O.D to F.O.D. Instead of flushing that water out into a ravine, Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects devised a beautiful system of rainwater harvesting and drainage that makes visible the movement of water through the landscape. OLIN | Photo by OLIN / Sahar Coston-Hardy. 2020 ASLA Professional Award of Excellence in Urban Design, Dilworth Park. 636 Eye Street NW. Portland, Oregon / Christian Columbres. Through an ambitious new plan, a multi-disciplinary team at Sasaki Associates is helping to revitalize TechTown, a knowledge district in midtown Detroit.

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