ancient dragon dragon city

The Brand New Dragon City Deity Island Update is here! Summon Guardangel. Are the dragons you breed going to be hard to attain ones from the normal DC world. Upgrading my 3 islands to be at Lv 3. Are there any information about how much platinum we need to upgrade an ancient habitat? 6. By breeding gorgenia and scorpion king u can get secret fire dragon, Just sharing: level 5 Swin-Jin & level 5 Rebird = Aurora, level 5 Guardangel & level 3 Piercing = Deep Forest, level 4 Guardangel & level 3 Surfaster = Mermaid. Like the start..but will need more maybe be able to transfer from world to world…and fight is a must. 8. I hope this strategy works for you. I maxed all the habitats, know gotta finish maxing all the dragon’s they only go to level 5 maxed if I’m not mistaken. I can’t afford a smart phone. I have summoned by error two guardangel, how can I erase one? Then what’s the purpose of collecting these dragons? Also it now takes 24 hours to get the ruby crystals? So a few weeks now into DCAW and its a good addition: the dragons look really cool, the upcoming breeding is going to be interesting, and the possibilities of other dragon dimensions is a neat idea. I can’t even see anyone get any of the dragons with any of the smaller food. So it will take me about 64 days to get my Have fun while is free. I don’t see them giving any kind of points or anything so they are just for looks or what? I figured 3rd to 4th. Special square ruby which takes an enormoua amount of rubies and time, how many platinums you need to upgrade a habitat? It says that it will be coming soon. , If we breed ancient world dragons it will come in dragon city, OMG LAWL HAHAHAHAHA ITS FROM THE ACIENT PORTAL U DUMMIES. thanks ^_^ , I have two guardians I can’t sell level one or store how to remove happened with upgrade and pic and iPad not in sync. It’s just the same thing, just different design for the dragons and how you get them by “summoning” them than you would by just breeding them with any ole dragon. why is the Mining time too Long -_- pshhh… !! . It seems that the Ancient Dragons will be able to breed a new generation for DC. How do u get the Ancient Portal In Dragon City? What’s the highest level the ancient Dragons can be levelled up to with the gems, not a fan, I was excited to start this but the platinum needed is ridiculous, how can i breed ancient dragons in breeding dome, Lol it takes weeks , for the last 4 dragons. The Xiongnu was the first and longest-lasting empires of the East Asian steppe. It’s been on mobile for a couple months now. 2. that would be so cool? Evolve Gorgoneia Lv 2. Why the sudden huge increase in time to mine crystals? It says “breed in ancient world”. And I need more dragons to keep upgrading. i am on level 43 but that you tell me how to send anicent world dragons to dragon city. whats the point of ancient dragons if they cant breed or fight what can they do? The Dragon City was first discovered in 2017, but excavation work was delayed due to a lack of funds. I mean ANCIENT DRAGONS. Summon Gorgoneia. Dragons earn different amounts of gold at each level. Does this mean I will be able to breed the two types of dragons? That should be plenty of feeding. The yield is much more significant. Well the portal is quite pointless isn’t it !! I am missing some of the double elements dragons and hopefully will be able to breed them here. Ancient dragons are awsome. Yea it did take a few months to get them all. Description: For eons, there was nothing but time and.... the Ancient Dragon! I don’t see the point of the ancient dragon portal. We have to let Dc knows that we need more trainer center maybe a couple more!!!! not much of a guide on the ancient dragons and there is some sort of bug dealing with the portal I have it on my phone app but not on my fb game it’s just not there, I am on level 27 and I cant seem to get THE ANCIENT PORTAL.

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