ars pruners vs felco

ARS HP-VS8XZ, HAND PRUNER for Medium Hands 7.9 in, 8.1 oz A rugged choice in standard size. The blades of the ARS loppers are very sharp because the blade is made of high forged carbon steel. × Like the best hand pruners on our list, the ARS features sharp and quality blades. My Swiss pruner of favor is a Leyat Super Pro. Felco number 8 is my favorite for fine pruning. Also, other than Felco number 5s, the parts on Felco pruners are all replaceable. Uniquely, however, the ARS blades can be … Corona BP 3160 ClassicCUT Forged Bypass Hand Pruner, 3/4 Inch Cut. item 6 ARS VS-8Z Pruning Shears For Flowers Gardening Multi Scissors Made In Japan 54mm 6 - ARS VS-8Z Pruning Shears For Flowers Gardening Multi Scissors Made In Japan 54mm. It does not have the rotating handle but in 30 years of pruning I prefer it to all others. ... Felco F-2 Pruner High Performance Pruning Shears, Genuine! 4 th on our list of the best hand pruners is the ARS HP-VS8Z. Trending at $36.99. I have a lot of Coronas mounted to commercial mowers, the old basic model pruners in 3/4 and 1". $19.99. The ARS orchard lopper is lightweight but long-lasting and durable because the body of this lopper made of metal and the handle of the lopper is aluminum constructed.ARS loppers are the top quality loppers among the available loppers in the market. $36.00. Superior sharpness, durability, and balance! They're not comfortable but they do the job. The tip on the anvil is small enough to fit into tight crotches on ornamental trees and shrubs, for a nice clean cut. It's the one I wear (in a Felco holster, lol). The ARS is for the hardcore gardeners and is considered a professional hand pruner.

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