bastok repeatable quests

One of the easiest but however somewhat time consuming is the black tiger fang hunts in Batailla Downs. Strolling saplings are in Tahrongi Canyon. The fame group is generally, but not always, based on the location of the NPC: helping someone in Bastok will raise your Bastok fame, doing something for an NPC in San d’Oria will raise your fame in that city, and so forth. If you cannot access a specific quest, repeat quest Only the Best to level up fame. Kill Tunnel Worms and Stone Eaters in the Gustaberg area for the stones and trade them to her for a 100 gil reward. People are saying great things about you. Two stacks of Treant bulbs later, I still can't get the quest. It is a good quest to do if you are frequently riding the airship to Jeuno. as far as the NPC is concerned, you can warp to any home point, and run right back, and complete the quest again. Repeatable quests give less fame after the first turn in but it is still more time efficient to spam the well known quests. , we're very proud to have someone like you as a Bastoker. ok look go to the auction house buy 1 stack of each and talk to the little girl whenever she says treant bulb give 1 to the lady shroom give 1 to the lady whatever then u get ur money u go zone into bastok mines come back and do it all over again. Strolling Saplings are higher-level. Thing is, that's the exact idea that Guildleves is based on. These quests originate in Bastok.They have been sorted by fame so you may figure out which ones need to be done quicker. Edited, Apr 12th 2009 10:42pm by Sollipsist. This page last modified 2007-09-21 11:06:55. Fame Name NPC Pos. I was wondering, would it be lucrative enough to repeat Gourmet selling something repeatedly like Treant Bulbs while using the zoning to repeat mom the adventurer? Get a quick task and a slight reward. i have confirmed that this works for this quest, and may possibly work for other repeatable quests that require a zone. These quests originate in Bastok. You need to kill Tigers for their fangs and trading 4 fangs = 2,100g from a … You may check your Reputation by speaking to Flaco at (E-6) in Port Bastok. Quite a few people are talking about the things you've done for Bastok. All missions will award some rank points upon completion. just confirmed, logging in/out doesnt count for zoning for this quest. You get 100 gil except at particular times of day. The only ones listed are quick and easy quests. If you get the right time for the right item you get 350gil. Aquillina is in need of 4 flint stones to get her oven lit. She takes Treant Bulbs, Wild Onions or Sleepshrooms. The package is a Key Item, so you can do this quest even when your inventory is full. Level 8: Master ! Non-Repeatable Questing For Gil! Strolling Saplings are what they're called. It involves identifying a NPC that "dropped a package" and giving it to them. I pray that the Goddess Altana looks down upon you favorably in your journeys! 1 npc / city that gives out repeatable quests... wow, much effort required. Keep on doing whatever you're doing! These four quests are based in Windurst, Bastok and San d'Oria, and once again requires Rank 4 Fame in Windurst, and around the same in San d'Oria and Bastok. Oh. Also about the stacking thing, do i hear the song and then give the item that the little girl sings or before? Try the Cold Light of Day its easy and you can max out your fame, also Wild Onions give the 350 Gil, Treant Bulbs give 150, i bought over 7 lots of treant bulbs so i can do this quest and get lev 5 fame for dem quest. Contents. You can become allied with Bastok by speaking to Mythily in (Metalworks J-8). Level 9: Oh, it's you, . Well, uh...not many people know who you are, but if you work hard enough, word will get around about your good deeds. I understand the whole part. dunno if this helps anyone, but for those like me that have more than one character, the goblins in horutoto ruins in the sarubaruta area seem to drop wild onions and pieces of armor more often then other gobs. Thing is, that's the exact idea that Guildleves is based on. They're Walking Saplings outside of Bastok, in N and S Gustaberg. ... want quests such as the the ones where you turned in 4 bat wings to the guy in Sandoria or rusty buckets to the man in bastok. You are the example every Bastoker should follow! In order to give people stuff for quests you need to select them, then select trade from the menu and trade things to them that way, not by trying to talk to them. Get a quick task and a slight reward. You have to zone after handing in each item first, tho. thank. These missions are available to those currently in allegiance with Bastok. This mini-quest allows certain arrow and bolt ammunition to be stacked into quivers. 1 Bastok Quests; 2 San d'Oria Quests; 3 Windurst Quests; 4 Jeuno Quests; 5 Outlands Quests; 6 Other Quests; 7 Aht Urhgan Quests; 8 Crystal War Quests; 9 Abyssea Quests; 10 Adoulin Quests; Bastok Quests. There Is No Fame Requirement For This Quest. Unlike expansion missions, most of these missions require rank points to undertake. (walking and strolling). 1 npc / city that gives out repeatable quests... wow, much effort required. FFXIclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community. Yes, it's repeatable. the girl singing only hints you what the lady needs and has no effect on the trade. You get wild onions from Goblin thugs. This quest can be repeated every 15 real life minutes. Bastok Mission 1-3: Fetichism Guide Author Aydogan Quest Type Bastok Missions Level Requirement ~20 Starting Location Bastok Gate See Bastok Quests/Reputation List for listing of quests sorted by fame. Bastok: Completed Quests: Quest Complete The Siren's Tear: Beauty and the Galka: Welcome to Bastok: Guest of Hauteur: The Quadav's Curse: Out of One's Shell: Hearts of Mythril: The Eleventh's Hour: Shady Business: A Foreman's Best Friend: Breaking Stones: The Cold Light of Day: Gourmet: The Elvaan Goldsmith: A Flash in the Pan: Smoke on the Mountain: Stamp Hunt: Forever to Hold

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