beyerdynamic m88 classic

It's a high quality mic that works on many sources, from vocals, to guitar amp, to bass, to percussion. Mine is the M 88 … beyer m88 beyer m-88 beyerdynamic m-88 m 88 … Honestly, the constant barrage of advice saying to get an SM7b is misguided. The microphone classic is all about broad frequency response. I've said for a long time that everyone's first mic should be an M201, but the M88 isn't far behind. So I tried the M88 live and the sound in my IEM's was just silky smooth. Check out my other auctions for ev pl20 ev re20 beyer m88 beyerdynamic m88 m-88 and my shure sm7 sm-7 sm7b sm7a . The M88 … Full sounding, … It is a quality that enables the microphone to work perfectly with the widest array of instruments, a role that can extend from duties with vocalists … There have been a few versions of the M 88 with different color schemes and letters at the end of the name — it’s currently sold as the M 88 TG, part of Beyerdynamic’s Tour Group series. Look out for the stylish, all-silver Classic, too. Also listing neve 1272 's soon. The M88 is a classic. Classic vintage Beyer M88N.This one comes from radio france (hence the sogie connector).Sogie to XLR cable is included. It's ingood condition and sound exactly as you want …

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