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I was trained by Fritz Wülfing at Ale-Mania in Bonn. I’m wondering if you can pass on some more information in terms of guidance, links, etc? Sol from Korea, a former student at Humboldt-Institut Constance, starts his apprenticeship as a brewer in Germany this August. The fee for this 6-month course is € 17,500. Duration of the course: 3 years (I completed my apprenticeship in just over 18 months because I was older than my classmates when I started the course and have a University education, albeit in a completely unrelated field). Your education is supported by the German government and your employer. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. From time to time we are asked how to get a visa as an applicant from abroad in order to start the training. During this 2 week Brewing Apprenticeship you will be taught by 3 Master Brewers to the latest syllabus of the Intsitute of Brewing & Distilling General Certificate in Brewing (GCB). Salary increases gradually over the course of the apprenticeship. The course conveys all the knowledge necessary for the technical management of a brewery. For those with an education, health and care plan or a legacy statement, the apprenticeships English and mathematics minimum requirement is Entry Level 3. With lectures and desktop studies in the theory block and examinations, the participants will prepare themselves for the practical work in part two. Particularly interesting for those who are looking to start a career in brew plant manufacturing – a sector in which many German companies are highly renowned worldwide. Date: 11 January – 25 July 2021 Course outline      American Brewers Guild. And for those who wish to further their brewing education in Germany, brewers can proceed to become a: Diplom Braumeister – 2.5 to 4 year University degree in brewing science at TUM Weihenstephan in Freising or at TU Berlin. Each terms lasts 6-7 weeks and is taught full-time at school in Dortmund. Berliner Weisse, alcohol-free beer, Brewing trails (in our 5 hl and 2 hl pilot plants), Filling & packaging: Bottle cleaning & inspection / filling / packaging, Chemical-technical analyses (Anton Paar Lab). WE already have a well-respected diploma (2 year) programme at Olds College. However, the two unique aspects about the German apprenticeship schemes are the prestige it holds compared to similar schemes in the UK, for example, and the breadth of courses that are available. Course fee Regulations for VLB webinars Brewing Apprenticeship (COMING 2021) The Brew School Brewing Apprenticeship is NEW for 2021 and can be completed in just 14 days of intensive brewing training. Each term we had the chance to brew on the semi-automated 50L school kit under the supervision our superb new brewing teacher, Ben Ott, founder and master brewer at 40ft brewery in London. Apprentices can learn traditional trades, such as carpentry and bricklaying, but also professions such as banker, baker and, the one which I will discuss in the post, brewer. We were lucky enough to have a brewery located within the school and a pretty sweet laboratory. Within the apprenticeship you will get an insight of the basic materials (Production of condiment, fermentation, storage and filtration). Change ),,, A fantastic combination of theory and practice, Brewers trained in Germany have a good reputation abroad for future career opportunities. The bulk of the apprenticeship is spent learning how to brew beer in the brewery. The applicant has to regularly attend the lectures and practical work to get the admission for the exams. In the course fee all course materials are included. For example many social occupations like child care worker are part of the full-time vocational school system of the Federal States. Because of its international reputation, many participants from overseas attend the course, so that many business and private contacts can be established. ( Log Out /  We like to give students the opportunity of taking an apprenticeship in our Brewery. ( Log Out /  All lectures take place at Berlin local time. I started to learn German in October 2018. Programme structure: Brewing science and technology taught at school and hands-on brewing experience gained working in a brewery. By international standards, the German apprenticeship system is perhaps the most regulated path for entry into the brewing profession, whereas practices in North America rank … “You don’t have to take the whole bouquet,” one vocational education teacher told us. Casual contracts keep Spaniards looking for permanent work. Q&A (question & answers) sessions will approach a broad range of relevant brewing and malting topics. In this short interview he tells us more about his motivation. But students, who want to attend lectures personally at VLB Berlin, are welcome to do so (“VLB Berlin Campus”). 11 January – 23 July 2021 Apprenticeship Germany Visa: How do foreigners obtain a visa for an apprenticeship in Germany? Get instant job matches for companies hiring now for apprenticeships jobs in Germany and more. We’ll get you noticed. The intention of this post is to shed a bit of light on the path I have taken over the past few years to become a brewer. Many newly qualified brewers start working as a full-time production brewers with more responsibility on a higher salary. We also learnt how to commission dispense equipment and how to produce non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks. The total balance is due by 8 November 2020 at the latest. In addition, they have to prove a minimum of 3 months practical work in a brewery before coming to VLB. This is perhaps relevant for those who are considering starting a career in brewing or for those who may just be curious what I’ve been up to for the past few years. all theory lectures from January 11 to approximately mid-May will be held via video conference (“VLB Virtual Campus”). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In addition to my time spent in the brewery, I also spent part of my apprenticeship on exchange working at Rhön-Malz maltings in Franconia, Laboratus laboratory and yeast bank in Cologne and Sünner Kölsch brewery, also Cologne. Germany’s apprenticeship scheme success may be hard to replicate. Part two (practical work): On-site at VLB Berlin, Germany (May-July). The American Brewers Guild is similar to Siebel except that it is a distance … 921 open jobs for Apprenticeship in Germany. Brewer Apprenticeship You'll work towards a Level 4 Brewer Apprenticeship over a 2 year period. Diplom Brewing Engineer – a 3 to 5 year Bacherlor’s or Master’s University degree in brewing engineering at TUM Weihenstephan or TU Berlin. Intensive practice after theory: the last 5 weeks of our International Diploma in Brewing Technology program and the last 13 weeks of our Master Brewer Program, you will participate in advanced level practice courses in the Doemens Academy educational training facilities in Munich, one of the great brewing capitals of the world. Who should attend? The dual apprenticeship system does not cover all sectors of secondary vocational education in Germany. Our main resources were “Technology Brewing and Malting” by Wolfgang Kunze and to delve a little deeper “Abriss der Bierbrauerei” by Ludwig Narziß. Depending on your requirements we can assist you in this matter. A certificate will be issued, when all mandatory exams have been taken successfully. Major topics to be covered in part 1 (online or on-site): Part 2: Practical work in our training labs & pilot brewing & malting plants (on-site). Hybrid training course (online & on-site) for prospective brewers Your accommodation in Berlin has to be booked separately. In order to provide an interactive learning experience, all lessons will be presented live by senior brewing professionals from VLB Berlin and partners. Salary: Anywhere between €7,000 and €14,000 p.a., depending upon size of the brewery. The websites and provide an overview. VLB’s flagship training course for prospective brewers is a 6-month full-time programme providing in-depth understanding of brewing technology with its related major fields of engineering, filling/packaging and quality control. is looking for trainees from all over the world who would like to start a paid vocational training (apprenticeship) in Germany. Furthermore you will gain profound knowledge in bottling our “Original Schlüssel” in bottles and barrels and learn about our quality assurance.The length of the apprenticeship can be … Apprentices without level 2 English and mathematics will need to achieve this level prior to taking the end-point assessment for this apprenticeship.

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