chocopologie chocolate truffle by fritz knipschildt price

Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle by Fritz Knipschildt Price: $2,600 And the most expensive chocolate on this list is a box of chocolate truffles from the Danish chef Fritz Knipschildt, who opened his own chocolate company Knipschildt Chocolatier in the late ’90s. Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle This Chocopologie made by Fritz Knipschildt is the most expensive chocolate of all time. Chocopologie a confectionary brand of House of Knipschildt that does not take life too seriously. Fritz Knipschildt * photo credits Chocopologie Fritz’s culinary groundwork in mixed food cultures shines through in this Chocolatier’s hand made fine artisan chocolates. Rich, smooth, and intensely flavorful, chocolate inspires a passion like no other. Seriously good chocolate shipped fresh to you. While there are plenty of cocoa makers who claim chocolate is an art form, Fritz turns his chocolates into fine art. Caramel & Sea Salt Collection - 6 Piece 1. Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle by Fritz Knipschildt – $2,600 Created by Fritz Knipschildt, these hand-crafted chocolates are made with the finest ingredients available. In Chocopologie, master chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt takes chocolate to luscious new heights, incorporating it into recipes both classic and new, for ultra-indulgent desserts, heavenly truffles, easy anytime snacks, and so much more.. Chocolate for break Chocolate Truffle by Chocopologie – $2,600 This chocolate truffle made by Chocopologie has been recognized by Forbes as the most expensive chocolate in the world. Brainstormed by Fritz Knipschildt, this chocolate, at a price tag of $2,600 per pound, is so expensive that it … The La Madeline au Truffle is made with dark chocolate, ganache, and French Perigord gems of chocolate are made by Fritz Knipschildt, Master Chocolatier of Chocopologie in Norwalk and Knipschildt Chocolatier. The price of this chocolate is so high that you can't enjoy it often. These 1.5 oz. The packaging of the chocolates is equally well though out and entices chocolate lovers to spend this amount of money on a box of chocolates. Our gourmet collection of signature Knipschildt chocolates are sure to delight, from Chocopologie chocolate truffles to exquisite dark chocolate bon bons. This chocolate has a price of $2,600

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