competitive nighthaunt list

It's not usually packing in the small units, but unless you lean hard into Scions you just won't have the wound potential. You likely won’t have enough models to get more than +1 to unbinding without paying more points than they’re really worth. This gives you a lot of flexibility in list building and decide where you want to focus the strength of your Nighthaunts. Similar to Bad Dice’s UK Age of Sigmar tournament list archive, here you will find Age of Sigmar lists from tournaments around the globe, including USA, Australia and New Zealand. At a 4+ save with only 7 wounds she can be worn down quite easily if she gets locked into combat. This gives a fairly typical idea of what a Nighthaunt list looks like. If you’re bringing 2 large squads of Chainrasps, which is certainly viable, this battalion makes them a huge pain in the ass. Add 1 to hits for the Lord Executioner and -1 to hit him. Before even getting into spells, their Nightmare Lantern guarantees a +1 to wound to all friendly units in 12″, no command points or casting required! Not as good, but with no cost like the Guardian of Souls it’s still appreciated. This can be tricky to use just right because you have to pick a unit first, so while it may be tempting to use it on an uninjured Spirit Host who is down one model, its useless if you don’t roll a 3. I've done the best I can with the army, and it comes down to playing the objectives and landing that occasional WoT roll. With a 4+ Ethereal save, Grimghast are a frustrating unit to chew through, as is. Unfortunately, the top of the list is Nighthaunt. They’re pretty niche and rarely taken but you will likely bring Guardian of Souls in many lists so it’s not entirely without merit. They can attempt to unbind a spell as a wizard does, gaining +1 to the unbind roll for every 4 models. No matter how armoured your foe is, you’ll be able to take them out. The team at Best Coast Pairings have kindly agreed to share the list data with me as well as provide a full PDFof the lists. Enemies will have -1 to hit them, if their bravery is less than 6 which is a bit of an iffy prospect. Neither is a bad pick, just how you want to use it. ). His spell, Spectral Lure, is also really solid, allowing you to heal a SUMMONABLE unit for D6 wounds (or models with wounds equal to what you roll). This is especially useful because since this list was used in February, General’s Handbook 2020 shaved 10 points off of Hexwraiths and Reikenor, refunding 40 points. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So plan wisely. You want to use your casters and Heroes to buff the bigger units to “bomb” your opponent with overwhelming attacks, and this list avoids putting all their eggs in one basket by spreading the carnage around. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Offensively, the Nighthaunt tear through foes with a deluge of mortal wounds, whether at range or with their Frightful Touch. But, our Spectral Summons can get us out of any movement negations for a CP and an alive general. Your only true missile weapon outside the black coach, it’s a good one. Your melee attack profile is good if the enemy closes the gap, letting you roll for every model within 2″ rather than a set attack. At only one attack with D3 damage, she’s too variable to be good and isn’t even a caster. The Black Coach does a lot. The Nighthaunt book is pretty dry on Command traits. Recommendations: 63. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Mymourn Banshees. In addition to the 12″ move speed and flying, if you fly over a unit you get to drop bombs on them and roll a die for each model in the unit, and dealing a mortal wound on a 5+.

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