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Required fields are marked *, Shaved Winter Salad with Roasted Tomato and Shallot Vinaigrette, Grilled Peri Peri Chicken Kabobs with Roasted Potatoes and Green Chili Sauce, Crispy Fish Tacos with Creamy Chipotle Sauce, 10 Simple Reasons Why My Favorite Recipe Blogs Beat Cookbooks, A blog of food, recipes, books, and stories of life. So these would be great if all you feel like doing is topping the figs with blue cheese and baking them for a few minutes until the cheese melts. Your email address will not be published. We had 10 acres with several varieties of fruit trees, including three very large fig trees; two celeste and one black mission. I love hors d’oeuvres but most recipes for them are a bit too involved for the home cook. Oh wow, this is like a dream. Prosciutto Wrapped Figs with Blue Cheese and Honey Wrap each fig with … uncommon to look a great blog like this one nowadays.. In return you will agree to do the same to link back to one of our of our Music & Entertainment Site, from your’s homepage too (sidebar, footer, or anywhere on your homepage), with our brand name Guitar Junky. I take perfectly ripened figs, stuff them with blue cheese, wrap them in prosciutto, bake and drizzle them with a warm pumpkin spice honey. Cut 9 slices of the Prosciutto lengthwise in half. Such a great way to enjoy figs as an appetizer or light lunch. Sprinkle the pepper on a saucer. Roasted Figs With Blue Cheese And Honey. I followed your link and the shrimp look great, thank you for the return recipe. I was … There was a sale on fresh figs at my grocery store this weekend, and they looked so good, I bought some. Place all of the figs, cut side down into the Port and let marinate for about 15 minutes. Thanks for stopping by Ari…, Pingback: Gettin’ Figgy with it: 10 Fall Fig Recipes | Yummly. Cook time: Approximately 15 minutes. The flavor combination of deeply sweet figs and sharply pungent blue cheese is one of those surprisingly perfect match-ups, where opposites attract like two puzzle pieces. Lay prosciutto onto a work surface. We like to use a softer, creamier blue cheese like gorgonzola dolce for the textural similarity, but any blue cheese works. Arrange on baking sheet with inside of fig facing up. Today I’m sharing a great appetizer recipe that has become another one of our summertime favorites. Place the baking pan under the broiler and cook until the edges of the prosciutto are beginning to brown and the cheese is melting and bubbling. Spread each with a small amount of fig preserves (if using). In a small pan, sauté the strips until they are crisp. Slice each piece of prosciutto in half lengthwise, then slice each strip in half, creating four strips long enough to wrap around a cheese-stuffed fig. Hello Friends! We will link to you from our Music and Entertainment authority site –, from its homepage’s sidebar. Ingredients. 2 tablespoons honey for drizzling. Press 1/2 tablespoon cheese in the center then press halves back together. If you are interested, kindly reply to this email. Cut the remaining Prosciutto into thin strips and then cut the strips into 2 inch pieces. 2 Tbs blue cheese, crumbled. Store your prepared figs in an air-tight container, bake and drizzle with honey right before serving. So I learned how to make fig preserves, rich sauces, and I would add them to my charcuterie boards. Prosciutto Wrapped Figs with Blue Cheese. When it came time to harvest, we would have so much fruit it was impossible for us to keep up with the production. This had the effect of giving each piece a dip of honey and made the platter look very appetizing. Drizzle the honey over and serve. 4 figs, halved. Required fields are marked *, With your paring knife, create a small well the center of each fig, Place a small dollop of blue cheese in the center of each fig, Cut prosciutto into thirds, lengthwise, creating long strips (you should have 12 strips), Wrap a strip of prosciutto around a blue cheese stuffed fig, Place figs on a parchment-lined baking sheet, bake for 10 minutes, In a small microwavable bowl, combine honey and pumpkin spice, warm in a microwave oven for approximately 15 seconds, Place baked figs on a serving plate, drizzle with warm honey, serve immediately. I love figs and prosciutto, so I’m guessing the addition of bleu cheese is absolutely delicious. This recipe comes from Tyler Florence. Serve, drizzled with additional honey … Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Add a dollop of the whipped ricotta, then top each with a piece of torn prosciutto. 9 ripe fresh figs cut in half lengthwise Drizzle the honey over and serve. I was inspired to create this recipe when we lived in California. One recipe wrapped them in pancetta, another in bacon and a third in Prosciutto—one added goat cheese and another topped them with walnuts—all of the combinations sounded wonderful and I have enough figs to try some variations. Your email address will not be published. I was introduced to this fabulous drink last summer […], Your email address will not be published. Place 1 fig on the end of each prosciutto slice. 1 cup crumbled fresh blue cheese (I used Maytag)

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