growing blueberries in pots commercially

There is one problem though. The yield from the garden is increasing year on year – rapidly approaching an annual weight in produce of almost 1 ton. These are rarely cultivated commercially, though can also be grown in the right conditions in a small scale/ domestic setting. But you will still have to maintain fertility in your containers over time. Hope to see you again in early October. Let’s begin by taking a look at which plants we actually mean when we say ‘blueberries’: Blueberries are perennial fruiting shrubs in the genus Vaccinium. After the fruits have been harvested, the foliage’s fabulous fall colours give the plants plenty of ornamental appeal. Now your blueberries are all potted up, you need to think carefully about where to position them. (You should be able to see the mark where the soil came up to before on the lower stem(s) of the plant.). It includes ten blueberry starter plugs, plus 500 seeds and a bonus cranberry starter plant. Other than watering, the main task in caring for your blueberries in pots will be maintaining soil acidity and fertility. I will definitely have to try growing them in a pot, as we haven’t had much lucky growing them in the garden so far!Perhaps they need a more acidic soil than we have? Related Reading: 20 Fruit Canes Or Bushes To Grow In Your Garden. Be sure to leave a little space at the top of each container. For the container, you can choose pretty much anything attractive to use, preferably about 15 inches wide. Prepare the Soil. It is important that you prune blueberries during their dormant season. So growing blueberries in pots can be a great way to enrich your home grown diet and make the use of even the smallest of spaces. Put a little of your growing medium in the base, then place your bare root or pot grown blueberries in your new pots or containers, taking care to keep the plants upright and at the centre of the container. She is a practical, hands-on gardener, with a background in philosophy: (an MA in English-Philosophy from St Andrews University). Scraping out 1/3 of the potting medium every two-three years and replacing it with fresh ericaceous compost. In 2014, she and her husband moved to their forever home in the country. So before you delve further into which options to grow, it is important to understand which plants we are talking about. They will require at least 6 hours of sunlight a day for best results. You can simply water with a watering can. Choose Plants. Consider moving pots into a more sheltered spot out of the winter wind, or even into an undercover area. Blueberries are not a big fan of too much fertiliser. Pot grown blueberries can generally be bought all year round. Also, when you grow blueberries you’ll learn that the leaves of blueberries act like umbrellas. Here’s how you can start planting blueberries in a pot with three easy steps. Placing blueberries in pots inside fruit cages. Though when choosing, you might want to think about whether or not you will need to move the pots around. Your email address will not be published. Emma, thanks! (Cut back to a low, strong, upward facing bud or branch.). (As long as chill requirements for the variety in question are met, and there is enough light.). Since moving to the property she has also rescued many chickens from factory farms, keeping them for their eggs, and moved much closer to self-sufficiency. The leaves of the plants act like an umbrella. They can actually prevent the rainwater from ending up in the pots. Blueberries can be pretty expensive especially if you buy them from the supermarket. Feeding the soil with fertiliser twice a year in the early spring should do the job. They have smaller (though some say, more flavoursome) berries. Blueberries do like relatively moist conditions, but don’t like to ‘paddle’. That’s because these fruit-bearing plants love acidic soil, which most garden soils are not. (See more on mulch for your blueberries in the section on maintaining fertility in your containers, below.). For best results, whether you choose pot grown or bare root options, you should purchase your blueberries in either early spring, or in fall, when their transplantation to their new pots or containers will be less stressful. For best results, you could consider adding some mycorrhizal fungi into your containers at this stage, before you fill in around your plants’ roots with your growing medium. Rabbiteye blueberry, for example, is a southern type that is produced from the Carolinas to the Gulf Coast States. A position next to a sunny, south facing wall can be ideal as the thermal mass of the structure will help to keep temperatures more consistent and a little warmer. As with any other kind of plant, failure to prepare the right soil is one of the most common gardening mistakes. But don’t worry! After all, too much of anything is bad. Note: Not all blueberries are self-fertile. That’s because these fruit-bearing plants love acidic soil, which most garden soils are not. There is a way that you can enjoy these nutritious and tasty fruits without spending a lot. Those who grow blueberries in pots, however, are likely to find that the most problematic pests are birds. Thanks for this great post! To control the aphid population, plant companion plants to attract natural aphid predators, like ladybugs and lacewings. Great post! Add citrus fruits to acidify the compost and plenty of other nitrogen-rich green kitchen scraps. What you need to watch out for are birds who can strip off the fruits of your blueberries before you can even get your hands on them. Check the label on the potting mix to make sure it’s acidic enough for blueberry bushes. But before you begin, see to it that you have already prepared everything you need such as: About 20 minutes before planting, soak the blueberry plant in a bucket filled with rainwater. The reason behind this is because rainwater is more acidic compared to tap water which will give the blueberry plant a head start. Now, you may be tempted to mulch the top of the pot with manure, but don’t. I haven’t thought about growing blueberries in pots. Even if you do have acid soil suitable for these ericaceous (acid-loving) plants, you may find that blueberries do better in pots than they do in the ground. She graduated from allotment gardening to organically managing 1/3 of an acre of land, including a mature fruit orchard,which she has turned into a productive forest garden. Blueberries can be grown: While certain blueberry varieties can tolerate partial/ dappled shade, most blueberries will do best in full sun. What Are Living Walls? Aphids, for example, can sometimes colonise the soft shoot tips of blueberry plants or their leaves to feed on the sap. With these tips, you’ll get the best fruits possible. You can do this by pushing and firming the compost down around the pot by hand. In an organic garden, the best way to deal with aphids is by controlling their population. Blueberries grow best in acidic soil, so look for an acidic potting mix at your local garden center. These are very versatile fruits with many uses in the kitchen. Placing bird netting over the plants a few weeks before the blueberries are ripe. To reduce losses to birds you could consider: In colder climates, if you are growing your blueberries in pots outside, plants may need some winter protection. Remove any dead, dying, damaged or diseased stems, or any that have bent down to touch the ground. You can maintain both fertility and acidity by: Blueberries are generally fairly easy to deal with, and can be fairly resilient to pests. Finally, apply a layer of high-quality ericaceous compost on the bottom of the container, then place a smaller plastic pot on top. Place the blueberry plant in the hole created after removing the smaller plastic pot from the container. In fact, growing blueberries in containers and pots is considered the best way to grow and enjoy these fruits. Visit her website here and follow along on her Facebook page here. Growing blueberries under cover in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Three would be even better. Eat them fresh or incorporate them into different mouth-watering recipes — there’s just so many ways that you can enjoy these tasty treats.

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