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For example, … Center for Leadership & Community Engagement, Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform, Philosophy & Religious Studies Department, Behavioral Economics Major (Joint Program with Economics), Biopsychology Major (Joint Program with Biology), Dual Major in Psychology & Childhood Education, Human Experimentation Review Board (HERB), Goings on in the Psychology Department: News & Awards. Psychology majors also need to have well-developed research skills including the ability to conduct experiments and to quantify and interpret data. Hard abilities are easy to quantify. Literacy Psychology graduates are highly literate and, moreover, have been trained to write in more than one literacy format. Psychology students' general orientation towards psychology usually reflects the orientation of the staff in their department, and of psychology as practiced in their country. Perspectives On the surface, the ability to examine issues from multiple points of view or to explore phenomena using different schools of thought appears to be a relatively esoteric one. But despite differences in the kind of information students receive, there is a great deal that psychology graduates have in common. To subscribe to the European Psychologist, contact APA's Subscription Department, (202) 336-5500. Psychological knowledge has a tendency to become very deeply internalized and once this has happened, it is hard for an individual psychologist to recognize that knowledge, and to realize when they are applying it. … Her current research is on student revision practices and social representations in organizations. Environmental awareness Knowing how someone's environment can influence their behavior helps us to understand people at work, at home, in education and at leisure. Psychology integrates areas of knowledge that span the arts and the sciences, and in the process it provides students with a liberal education, as well as a particularly wide range of practical and professional skills. There are plenty of entry-level job options with a bachelor's degree. Hard skill include: Proficiency in a foreign language A degree or certificate Typing speed Machine operation Computer programming Not all career paths in psychology involve counseling clients, but nearly every job option does involve a … Measurement skills Measurement skills go hand-in-hand with research skills, and psychology graduates are thoroughly trained in these as well. Grad School Is Often Necessary. Interview Questions About The Company You’re Interviewing With, Questions You’ll Get at the End of an Interview, Questions For You to Ask at the End of Your Interview. Human behavior is a complex subject and learning about it in detail requires an open mind. A psychology degree, then, is actually rather special. In your classes, you’ll be learning about various types of behaviors and mental health disorders, as well as about the different ways that people interact with one another. Here are some of the most common skills for psychology majors. By its very nature, psychology is a person-oriented profession. Their experiences in this respect tend to give the psychology graduate a pragmatic approach to work and problem-solving: a valuable skill, and one that is not particularly common. When faced with numerical information, they are more likely to respond by seeking to discover what the numbers imply than by avoiding them altogether. They are trained to interpret data summaries and to understand probability statements, and they become familiar with a wide range of statistical procedures and processes. Psychology students quickly learn that a single event can be usefully conceptualized in several alternative ways, and that there may be multiple psychological origins for a given problem. Make a gift to the Wagner Fund and help our students obtain a world-class education. The style of thinking that one acquires while studying for a psychology degree may feel intuitively obvious, but it actually involves a long and arduous process of discarding prior assumptions. These skills fall under the domains of: Cognitive (e.g., creativity and information management).

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