how much does a parrot fish cost

In the wild, parrots have a widely diverse diet that consists of fruits, nuts, greens, and seeds. Small Conures Price - Small conures are one of the lesser-priced medium birds with a cost of $200 to $450 dollars. Cockatiels Price How many fish can I add to my 79 gallon tank? Do people name their pet fish in fish tank? Ian. Origin: These fish are hybrids of Cichlids named Paraneetroplus synspilus and Amphilophus citrinellus, which are native to Central America. read more... SAI BALAJI SEA FOODS. one more question.what is there behavior(agressve,docile etc) and what fish can i put them in a tank with. Blood Parrot for sale at . Most parrots require a good-quality pellet food, a seed and nut mix and a variety of foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Macaw Cages need to be large enough to allow your bird to expand its wings and not touch the cage sides. You could keep these together in a 75 gallon tank. Large Conures Price - Large Conures sell for $500 to $700 dollars. Cost isn't always indicative of size. Pionus Parrots Price - Pionus Parrots come in a wide variety of choices and this accounts for the wide price range. if you mix African Cichlids with New World cihlids, half your fish will die from the PH. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. It is easy to determine what it will cost you over a lifetime in the way of money, but if you are thinking of bringing a parrot into your home, there is another cost that can't be determined by a money value, that of time. Comments: These are awesome fish with great coloration and a very unusual mouth shape. Parrot fish scientific name is hoplarchus psittacus, which is also the scientific name for the parrot cichlid. Some of the more popular members of this family can be bought for as little as $600 dollars. You can sign in to vote the answer. The fish weighed about 400 grams. On behavior; they can be aggressive, and territorial. 19. You can keep Angels, discus, parrot cichlids or a single Oscar in that size tank, just not all together. Next, your bird will need food and water dishes, perches for inside and outside the cage and toys to keep it entertained. These multi-colored beauties sell for $1200 to $3500 dollars. This rare bird will cost you between $1500 and $2000 dollars. 48, Venkatesan Street, Chintadripet, Chintadripet, Chennai - 600002, Dist. 17. You can expect to pay around 149 dollars for a decent, sturdy cage for a smaller parrot like a cockatiel and as much as 2000 dollars for a cage or aviary that will comfortably a home a large bird like a macaw. They are fish that also get up to 10", so keep that in mind...what size tank do you have? Great fish, but big messing eating machines. Keep in mind that these prices will often depend not only on the size of your parrot but also where you purchase the bird. Like their larger cousins, they are popular among those who want a talking bird. There are also differnt kinds of Parrot that also makes a differnce on price. We also test our Fresh Parrot Fish as per the world class parameters to ensure its. These people end up being disappointed because they didn't understand the full extent of what it takes to care for a parrot. This article will help you discover the general answer to "How much is a parrot?". b07 -fungia indo ultra orange $ 9.99 k26 -alveopora each $ 14.99 k29 -seriatopora each screamming green sm $ 14.99 k27 -fox coral each $ 14.99 How much does a parrot cost? Mini-Macaws Price - Mini-Macaws cost anywhere from $750 to $1000 dollars. We've heard the original hybrids occurred in Taiwan. If you keep the pH half of your fish will die. The rarer members can see you paying upwards of $2000 dollars. This Fresh Parrot Fish is available in various sizes and in different quantities as per the given demands. Discus need a high level care, not recommended for beginners. Keep in mind that these prices are only the parrot price. they cannot make these kind of adjustments. Do you feed your fish once or twice a day? Many people also pick these birds because they figure a parrot is easy to care for, takes little time and is likely to cost less in the long run than a dog or cat. 2. One of the best things someone can do before they purchase a pet parrot is to sit down and figure out just how much that bird is going to cost - in time and money. Favorite Answer. 12. They are mostly Territorial and aggressive..The rest of your fish are South or Central American and need acid ph, generally about 6.7 -6.8. All Rights Reserved. This will cost approximately 35 dollars a month. 3. Still have questions? Basically the Africans will kill the rest, but if you just want them, then there are smaller species that you could keep. To give you an idea of how much Parrot fish really costs, I paid 40 pesos (USD$0.90) for the one photographed above. Parrotlets Price - Parrotlets are often seen as a "between" bird, not small like a parakeet but not large like other parrots. In addition to a healthy diet, your bird will need at least an annual checkup with a vet. You should have at least a 55 if you want to have more than one fish with the Parrot, and fish roughly that same size...what, kind of hard to say really...perhaps Tinfoil Barbs...maybe green terrors if purchased together...good luck, For the best answers, search on this site, Wont work for various reasons. These birds are often sold in pairs, which will see you spending one to four hundred dollars. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. So, as nice as it all sounds, it isn't possible pH will kill half your fish, never mind the other problems. These fish can be kept in big reef aquariums. Chintadripet, Chennai No. If your bird should become ill, you could be looking at a couple of thousand dollars. These are often the first choice for a bird and can run between $15 dollars for the common green birds to $80 dollars for the more exotic colors. Lets Summarize: Except for the Oscar, you could keep the other New World species in a 100 gallon tank. You may also want to consider a bird harness if your bird is going to be spending time in a place where an open door or window may be available or it will be spending time outdoors in good weather.

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