how much topsoil do i need for garden

Doesn’t decompose — gives nothing back to the soil. 1 square yard of our popular multipurpose topsoil, measured to the standard 35cm depth favoured by many gardeners for everyday root veg crops like potatoes and carrots, would require 450kg of topsoil. A square yard of a garden with a depth of 1 foot (30.48 cm) weighs about 900 pounds (410 kg) or slightly less than half a ton. When the soil arrives it will be loose and likely have a density of just 75 lb/ft3 or 1200 kg/m3 and will require a larger vehicle to transport. Soil and mulch prices vary depending on the type you choose and the area you’re covering. Generally, a good proportion is 60% topsoil, 30% compost, and 10% potting mix. Raised beds give you an immediate advantage over a regular garden, because when you fill your raised bed, you can fill it with a blend of soil that's superior to the native soil in your yard. Types of Mulch  Area: Please enter area dimensions. You may also need fill dirt for landscaping projects and hardscapes, which is used to fill in large volumes. all end up here, and it has the best conditions for most life thus it has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms. There are two types of mulch to choose from: organic and inorganic. A tonne of condensed, moderately damp soil typically fills about 0.625 m3 (cubic meters). A soil test can help you determine if … Steps to Estimate Soil Volume Adding soil can be a substantial investment in time and money. Use this soil calculator to easily estimate how much soil (topsoil) in tons or tonnes, or volume (cu ft, cubic yards or cubic meters) you need for a given gardening project. Given bag size, it also calculates the number of bags of soil (dirt) you will need. The ton is currently only used in the United States and is equal to 2000 pounds (2000 lbs). Fresh cedar, cypress and eucalyptus mulches have pleasant aromas and insect-repellent qualities. Then you need to divide it in several regularly-shaped sections, calculate their volume and topsoil requirements and then sum them up. Enter the area to be covered and the desired thickness, and we'll tell you how much topsoil to get. Good choice for erosion control and water conservation. Types of Soil  We’ll also help you understand the benefits to each, so you get the right product for your project. Good choice for insulating plants from temperature extremes. In case you end up needing to do this for a large number of sections, you might use our summation calculator. Standard-size bagged mulch typically blankets 6 square feet, so buying it in this format is good for smaller areas. A cubic meter of typical topsoil weighs 1,600 kilograms 1.6 tonnes. It also keeps soil from washing away, protects root systems from harsh temperatures and retains moisture for the plants growing under it, not to mention it enhances the look of your outdoor space. This corresponds to moderately damp consolidated soil (rammed earth) and is the number used in our software. We have to sum up these four different areas to get the area of the whole yard. Topsoil producers don't have a convention on how to mark their product, so you may know the bag's volume, e.g. The topsoil calculator will help you estimate how much of it do you need and will make it easy to compare bulk orderign versus buying by the bag, as you will always see the per ton price. Wood mulch comes in different colors, so you can pick the one that works best with your landscape. The first is used by all countries in the world, except the U.S. and is defined to be equal to 1000 kg by the international body of standardization. Our 1 tonne bags provide twice this, and are safe to store if ventilated and able to naturally dry. If you'd like to cite this online calculator resource and information as provided on the page, you can use the following citation: Georgiev G.Z., "Topsoil Calculator", [online] Available at: URL [Accessed Date: 30 Nov, 2020]. It's bearing capacity is good, making it a good base for supporting structures above it, up to a point. Organic options include wood mulch with varieties like cedar mulch, cypress mulch and hardwood mulch. Use our calculator to estimate how much mulch or soil you'll need for your garden and landscaping projects. But since it breaks down over time, you’ll need to make sure it’s replenished to maintain the look and other advantages it brings to your yard. The numbers are obtained via this soil calculator. See our full terms of service. Some can be strongly adapted to certain conditions and not thrive or even die elsewhere, making the choice of soil crucial for maintaining them in good shape. A square meter of garden with a depth of 35 cm weighs about 560 kg or 0.56 tonnes. How much does a cubic meter of topsoil weigh? freshly dug). Blended topsoil is usually less dense, and thus fewer pounds of it will be required. Soil that's loose and rich with nutrients and organic matter will allow the roots of your plants to grow freely, and ensure that they have access to the water and nutrients they need to sustain … Let's make it 0.6 yd. Increases the safety of play areas — approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) when maintained at a 6-inch depth. The cost of the topsoil is $30 per US short ton. The difference between the two is not huge but can add up to a significant number as the amount of soil purchased increases. 1 cu ft, or 1 cu yd, or you may know it's weight, say, 40 lbs (or 20 liters and 25 kg for the metric system). Our soil calculator supports all of these different types of bags and will make the necessary conversions automatically. *Actual product quantities may vary depending on the mulch or soil brand and surface of the area being covered. For larger lawn projects, consider bulk mulch to save money and trips to the store. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page. Dewatering also has a negative effect on soil skeletal structure and its volume decreases. Estimate the volume of topsoil needed, using geometrical formulas and plans or measurements of the area. A cubic yard of typical topsoil weighs about 2700 pounds or 1.35 tons. Our online calculators, converters, randomizers, and content are provided "as is", free of charge, and without any warranty or guarantee. Also, the soil calculator uses a standard soil density of 100 lbs/ft3 (1600 kg/m3) which may be somewhat different depending on the precise topsoil mixture you purchase. If you are asking yourself how much topsoil do you need for your garden, then our topsoil calculator is of great assistance as it does the math for you in a metric of your choice (suitable if you are living in the US, UK, EU, and others), but you should keep in mind that the results will only be as good as the measurements entered into it.

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