how to become an aesthetic nurse uk

However, the BACN do recommend prior experience of general adult nursing. Who can perform Botox and filler treatments in the UK. Nursing training differs from country to country, and being honest, we are not knowledgeable on nursing in Mexico and whether your training will be accepted by providers of aesthetic training in the UK. There are some really rewarding benefits of becoming a ‘Botox Nurse’ also known as an Aesthetic Nurse in today’s current climate: 1. I would really like to get enrolled in a program of Aesthetic nurse. As the leading Association for Aesthetic Nurses in the UK, the BACN would advocate that you attain at least 3 years of post graduate general adult nursing experience before embarking upon a career in the more specialised area of aesthetic nursing. Prices vary but on average you can expect to pay £700 per day. There are a few different roles for nurses within the aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery industry, so think about your end goal when deciding which route to take. Find out more about Aesthetic Nurse training. In the near future the universities will be offering courses at a post basic degree level, in line with Department of Health and professional association recommendations. Non-clinical roles: management, training and field sales. I just wanted to say how helpful this was! After attending one of our Botox and Dermal Fillers aesthetic nurse training courses you will be ready to get started in the industry straight away. If you’re interested in working in the aesthetic medicine industry, the adult nursing pathway will provide you with the best grounding for your future career, and will be preferred by employers in this industry. Would you like to work as a full-time employee in an established clinic performing a range of skin and body treatments? And no, that’s not a silly question at all! You will need to fill out a registration form, which can be done online at the NMC website. Your registration must be renewed on an annual basis. The medical knowledge gained from nursing training and practical experience of aesthetic treatments is often seen as a good foundation for clinic management. Many universities provide this course and it is worth contacting your local university. With companies usually paying a fair basic salary with the chance to earn a very good rate of commission on sales, these roles can earn you a great income, but do remember that a good deal of travel will be involved, and you’ll sometimes have to work late or at weekends, especially when trade shows are on. Over 80% of our members have had over 10 years’ experience in The NHS. Degree courses last for three years, and include both theoretical and practical learning, and so you won’t just do your training in a classroom, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain practical experience on a hospital ward. Just consider the route you choose to take – if you’re really interested in aesthetic nursing, then working on a children’s ward isn’t going to look quite as good as having adult nursing on your CV, for obvious reasons. ARC Aesthetic Professionals is a recruitment consultancy – we do not provide or organise aesthetics training or insurance; we are not an advisory body or industry regulator. If you wish to undertake the prescribing course (V300) then we would recommend it. A better work-life balance. Amongst much else, this is achieved through: The BACN wish you every luck and the reassurance of knowing that we are here to support you. Are you really keen on becoming an aesthetic nurse? We cannot therefore advise on this, although a 1 day training course would not be considered suitable justification. There are lots of full and part time Cosmetic Nurse opportunities for those wanting to work in aesthetic clinics and we give all training delegates a list of live vacancies from clinics across the UK when they attend the course. Many of the treatments we perform require the use of prescription only medicines (e.g. Step two: get post-qualification nursing experience. These are the steps you’ll need to take to get there. Aesthetic Nurse Salary: How Much Can You Earn? Nurses working in aesthetics don’t all work as practising clinicians, as this skill set is also desirable for other roles. Also, like many cosmetic practitioners, you will be aware of a sense of isolation and lack of the support you may be used to. Aesthetic Nursing Key Facts. If sales is an area of work that you really do enjoy, then you may also be able to consider sales roles for companies who manufacture or distribute aesthetic equipment, devices, prescription-grade skincare products, or pharmaceuticals. Rather than rambling on about it here, there’s more about it in this article: [This blog is intended to provide basic, useful information for those looking for a career in aesthetics. You may consider taking the V300 Advanced Certificate in Independent Prescribing (offered by many UK universities). You may be paying out initially, but you will then be able to earn that money back when you start practising. © Copyright 2013 ARC Aesthetic Professionals |. This would be in order to further develop your skills in general nursing after qualifying and bring firm foundations of nursing practice into the aesthetic arena. These courses usually (and should) only offer certificates of attendance, rather than proficiency, since it is not possible to become proficient within a day.

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