how to cook fresh lima beans southern style

If your grocery store doesn’t carry actual butter beans you can substitute baby lima beans. So let’s go ahead and prepare the following ingredients first. Learn how to cook lima beans the Southern Style. If not, frozen will work just fine. Cook the butter beans … Use fresh butter beans if they are in season. I also add some red pepper that gives them a little extra kick. After all, my momma never used red pepper! We tend to cook our vegetables for a longer time and season them more highly than other regions of the country. We like a little spice to ours. I like them both ways. Old-time southern cooking has a bad reputation when it comes to preparing fresh vegetables. When you visit a Southern cafeteria or a home-style restaurant down South and order lima beans, chances are, this is how they will serve it. I like the bright taste of quickly cooked vegetables, but I also enjoy the homestyle taste of longer cooked, well-seasoned vegetables. Season generously with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and don’t forget to add a little sugar. Green beans are an integral part of a Southern family's supper, along with other summer favorites like fried okra, fresh tomatoes, and squash casserole. Cooked until soft, infused with bacon, salty with a peppery note. These are a traditional Southern Style Green Bean. Taste frequently. But if you don't like that spice, this can totally be omitted.

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