interpersonal communication in nursing, Rafael Marcelo Soder8  Additionally, appropriately used humor can lighten a tense atmosphere and may raise depressed spirits. Nurse Educ Pract. Rev. 6Universidade Federal do Pará, Organização dos Serviços de Saúde, Belém, PA, Brazil. In Brazil, the five general competencies and skills advocated by the Diretrizes Curriculares Nacionais (DCN, National Curriculum Guidelines) for nursing education are decision making, leadership, administration and management, continuing education, and communication(3). [cited Nov 27, 2018]; Available from: este estudo contribuiu para identificar o nível de competência de comunicação interpessoal de estudantes de enfermagem na realidade brasileira, fornecendo subsídios para a educação na área. 2014;27(2):108-14. 2017;25: e2962. [ Links ], 3 Brasil. Table 2 Domains of the Interpersonal Communication Competence Scale. Many factors converge to shape nursing professionals’ outlook when working and communicating together. In the domain “interaction management”, a significant difference was found in the variables marital status (p-value = 0.054) and research scholarship (p-value = 0.023). The domains “availability” and “environment control” had, respectively, the highest and lowest means. Participants who stopped out from college or were on medical leave, or leave of absence of any kind during the data collection phase were excluded. Se recogieron datos de 1.079 estudiantes de enfermería mediante un cuestionario con variables sociodemográficas y académicas y la Escala de Competencia en Comunicación Interpersonal. The study variables were: dependent (age, sex, marital status, year of graduation, previous degree, technical nursing course, participation in research or extension group, research scholarship, extension scholarship, and paid professional activity ) and independent (competence in interpersonal communication), verified by applying theEscala de Competência em Comunicação Interpessoal [cited Nov 27, 2018]; Available from: [cited Nov 27, 2018]; Available from: Given the complexity of developing communication skills, researchers have emphasized the need to use active methodologies and teaching methods that stimulate critical and reflective thinking, based on theoretical and practical integration in nursing(8-9). It was expected that students in later years would have greater competence than students in early years. 3Scholarship holder at the Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), Brazil. Interpersonal conflicts take place when two or more individuals have a disagreement. So, for example, score 5 would be marked as 1 in the final score (4 = 2, 3 = 3, 2 = 4, 1 = 5). se trata de un estudio correlacional, desarrollado a partir de un proyecto de investigación multicéntrico entre seis universidades federales de Brasil. Enfermagem. Cienc Cuid Saúde. Cogitare Enferm. The inclusion criterion was to be regularly enrolled in the nursing course. In addition, the fact that the proposed instrument is a self-report measure can also be pointed as a study limit, since the participants’ responses are related to their capacity to reflect on their own performance. In addition, communication permeates and enhances the development and exercise of the other professional nursing skills(4-5). [cited Nov 27, 2018]; Available from: Introduction: Good communication is crucial for safe and effective nursing care and is necessary in building interpersonal relationships with patients. Relational skills of nursing students: Follow-up of an intervention program. The domain “interaction management” is related to the handling and interpretation of verbal or nonverbal reactions by the message recipient during the conversation. 2015;19(3):467-74. I came away from reading this book with new concepts and understanding that will [cited Nov 27, 2018]; Available from: 2017;24(5):421-5. [ Links ], 10 Puggina AC, Silva MJP. doi: Copyright © 2019 Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem, Sociodemographic and academic variables of students, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil, 2017-2018, Domains of the Interpersonal Communication Competence Scale. [ Links ], 18 Yu S, Dan Ko Y. Communication Competency as a Mediator in the Self-Leadership to Job Performance Relationship. Rev Bras Enferm. identificar el nivel de competencia comunicativa interpersonal de los estudiantes de enfermería y correlacionar sus dominios con variables sociodemográficas y académicas. Câmara da Educação Superior. Rev Enferm UFPE. [cited Nov 27, 2018]; Available from: Commun Res Rep. 1994;11(1):33-44. The most important skill a nurse can possess is the ability to listen actively. Nurse Educ Today. [cited Nov 27, 2018]; Available from: doi: 10.5205/reuol.11138-99362-1-SM.1111sup201729. 2015;54(10):559-64 [cited Apr 29, 2019]; Available from: Regarding ECCI, the mean of the sum was 63.74 (± 7.6). The mean age was 22.38 (± 4.7) years. However, it was found that communicative competence does not necessarily increase as the years of undergraduate nursing progress, which makes the relationship between age, communicational competence and year of study paradoxical. In the bivariate analysis, there was a significant difference, regarding the sum, in the mean of the sum in the variables age, marital status, participation in research and extension group, and paid professional activity (Table 3). Nurses assume the responsibility of relaying accurate information between physicians, patients and families to ensure effective treatment decisions. [3] In fact, nursing professionals can use conflicts as a positive learning opportunity. Florianópolis, SC, Brazil, 2017-2018, Bivariate analysis between the sum of the Interpersonal Communication Competence Scale and dependent variables. 2016;30(1):2-11. “Caring is nursing, and nursing is caring” as stated by Kallergis. The domain “self-disclosure” represents the ability to demonstrate ideas and thoughts through communication. [cited Nov 27, 2018]; Available from: [1], [2] bleofContents/Vol-19-2014/No3-Sept-2014/Effective-Interpersonal-Communication.html, [3], November 15, 2020  | 

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