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Logical reasoning and critical thought are two sides of the same coin, although not necessarily the same thing. Critical thinking, or critical reasoning, is important to employers because they want to see that when dealing with an issue, you are able to make logical decisions without involving emotions. Employers are trying to determine if you have the required ability to interpret information, identify patterns and relationships, and draw solid conclusions. Logical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving date back to Aristotle, the man credited as being the last man to have lived knowing everything there was to be known in his lifetime. Our worksheets use a lot of imagery to keep your kids entertained and excited about doing math. In other words, logic is the study of proper rules of reasoning and their application to arguments. It goes well beyond raw intelligence or logical skill, and involves the virtues of practical reasoning like self-awareness, humility, independence, and empathy that are cultivated and deepened over the course of a lifetime. It’s a way of of resolving a quandary through the application of principles of logic. Critical thinking is the process of intentional higher level thinking to define a client’s problem, examine the evidence-based practice in caring for the client, and make choices in the delivery of care. Below you will find worksheets such as dot to dot, word search, find the correct shadow, find the correct pattern, find the differences, and fun mazes. These are skills used on a daily basis in many job roles, so logical reasoning tests are widely used. Through critical thinking, as I understand it, we acquire a means of assessing and upgrading our ability to judge well. These workbooks will help the students develop cognitive skills in three strands – Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Pictorial Reasoning. Arguments come No matter the type of logical reasoning test used, you’re being assessed on your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is, therefore, never a mere intellectual exercise, but requires an all-around ability to put reasoning into practice. Logical reasoning is self explanatory. Being able to look past emotions will help you to be open-minded, confident, and decisive—making your decisions more logical and sound. Elementary Concepts in Logic and Critical Thinking 1.1 Introducing Logic and Arguments: Logic , traditionally understood, is centered around the analysis and study ofargumentforms and patterns. The Gift Of Logic (tm) Critical Thinking & Logical Reasoning Series is a set of twelve workbooks written with the goal of establishing a basic standard in cognitive thinking for K-12 students. reasoning. Logic Puzzles worksheets are great to help children develop their reasoning skills.

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