marvel solicitations september 2020

The NEW MUTANTS have their ways of striking back. The Avengers. But after Spidey scorns and abandons the alien suit, the vengeful symbiote bonds with disgraced reporter Eddie Brock to become…Venom! This issue includes profiles for Cypher, Moira MacTaggert, two Captains Britain (Brian and Betsy Braddock) and Krakoa itself! As Cap battles the existential threat of Everyman, Steve Rogers' childhood friend Arnie Roth resurfaces – but he's in deadly danger! The rise and fall of the Supreme Accuser. SRP: $125.00, SILVER SURFER BLACK TP (W) Peter David (A) German Peralta (A/CA) Dale Keown Jim Burrows The Fantastic Four. SRP: $4.99, EMPYRE FALLOUT FANTASTIC FOUR #1 JOHN ROMITA JR., STEVE SKROCE, ANTHONY CASTRILLO, ANDY KUBERT, And a special appearance by the most ominous cosmic character of them all, The Unseen! uprising, Machine Man is torn about his place in the world. A legendary hero flies the flag for the United Kingdom as we celebrate the legacy of the House of Ideas with the era-spanning MARVEL TALES! Also featuring tales of suspense from the 2020 Iron Age, featuring Doctor Shapiro, Alkhema and more! Spider-Man and…Firestar?! LEINIL FRANCIS YU, MATTEO LOLLI, EMA LUPACCHINO, CARLOS GÓMEZ, IBAN COELLO, R.B. In Shops: Sep 30, 2020 The Falcon struggles to reconcile his past and future! ON SALE OCTOBER 2020 Collecting NAMOR: THE BEST DEFENSE and INVADERS (2019) #1-12. Spider-Woman's second Marvel Masterworks volume is here! Together, they will become the deadliest foe Peter Parker has ever faced! 42 PGS./All Ages …$24.99 BLACK WIDOW. 32 PGS./ Rated T …$1.00 SRP: $15.99, DISNEY KINGDOMS GN TP HAUNTED MANSION Order using APR201114, X-MEN/AVENGERS: ONSLAUGHT VOL. Venom will be tested like never before! The world as we know it is long gone – but the Hulk we know and love will never die. ROD REIS, JAVIER RODRÍGUEZ, MARCO CHECCHETTO, JEN BARTEL, MIKE DEL MUNDO, RAHZZAH, SRP: $4.99, EMPYRE AFTERMATH AVENGERS #1 Collecting VENOM: SEED OF DARKNESS #-1; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #258; WEB OF SPIDER-MAN (1985) #1; PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (1976) #107-110 and #134-136; and VENOM: DARK ORIGIN #1-5. 24×36…$8.99 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 But in this dangerous new world, Eddie’s also enlisted the help of some new allies, some of whom have familiar faces — and who Eddie may never want to leave! Written by KELLY THOMPSON He's been an adventurer, a hero and a Defender – even a husband to Patsy "Hellcat" Walker. Collecting S.W.O.R.D. ALL DIE YOUNG! MARVEL COMICS • See why people are talking about DAREDEVIL as one of Marvel’s best ongoing series! And more amazing friends join the fun – including Nadia Van Dyne, the unstoppable Wasp! VARIANT COVER BY INHYUK LEE – APR200839 40 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ …$4.99 And wait, is Rocket wearing a suit? • The answer could ignite an all-out crime war across the underworld and change Valance’s life forever. It all begins with Spider-Man’s symbiotic black costume — a killer outfit in more ways than one! Shin Hayata and Kiki Fuji have spent half a lifetime trying to find out – and their quest is about to drive them toward a decades-old dark secret and put them on a collision course with a mysterious warrior from beyond the stars! Digg. Plus: In the midst of the A.I. Cover by VALENTINA REMENAR Collecting STAR #1-5. Cosmic chaos commences when the new Guardians take on Thanos' Black Order – but could the Mad Titan be fighting his way back from the grave?! Collecting NAMOR: THE BEST DEFENSE and INVADERS (2019) #1-12. X OF SWORDS – CHAPTER 2 Writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum revamped the X-Men completely, replacing the bulk of the teen heroes with a completely new international cast! Baron Helmut Zemo has taken up his father's villainous mantle – and targeted Captain America in a complex plan of revenge! Take one symbiotic costume spurned by Spider-Man! JUL200639 And the dark origin of Venom that reveals how two lost souls with a shared hatred of Spidey became one – and explores the twisted roots that led them there! Corruption. When Stark, a brilliant arms manufacturer, is captured and ordered to develop weapons for an evil tyrant, he instead forges a mighty suit of iron that empowers his escape – and safeguards his wounded heart! Collecting 2020 FORCE WORKS #1-3, 2020 MACHINE MAN #1-2 and 2020 IRON AGE #1. A resurrection! Mercenary. ORDER USING APR200885 Those were a typo. Cover by CHRIS BACHALO Rated T+ The Order of the Web is born. In Shops: Sep 30, 2020 Rated T+ & BRANDON CHOI BENJAMIN PERCY (W) • BAZALDUA (A) (W) Al Ewing (A) Jon Davis-Hunt #1-5. Alex Ross' Timeless variants. A dark discovery. Rated T+ $4.99, TALES OF SUSPENSE #39 FACSIMILE EDITION Ambitious reporter Ripley Ryan recently became the hero Star, adored by all. • He certainly can't look for help from Ravencroft's chief administrator, NORMAN OSBORN, whose past will haunt both himself and Spider-Man! (W) Dan Slott (A) Sean Izaakse (CA) R. B. Silva Rated T+ ALYSSA WONG (W) • MARIKA CRESTA (A) (W) Bill Mantlo, Peter David, Al Ewing (A) Mike Mignola, Adam Kubert, More (CA) Mattia De Iulis VARIANT COVER BY NICK BRADSHAW – MAR200880 DONNY CATES (W) • GUIU VILLANOVA (A) • Cover by KYLE HOTZ MARVEL COMICS But can Namor possibly be redeemed? A ten dollar Amazing Spider-Man #49. This special issue reprints INCREDIBLE HULK #312 and INCREDIBLE HULK #-1, two of the pivotal stories that inspired the Immortal take on Brian Banner, Bruce's father and the terrifying conduit to the One Below All. In Shops: Jan 20, 2021 The recent Swords listings had a lot more books out in September, as well as all the updates on titles like Doctor Doom, Strikeforce etc. Poor Danny is trapped inside – but is there anyone he can trust to help him escape? (W) Mike O'Sullivan, The Ohotmu Team It all begins with Spider-Man’s symbiotic black costume – a killer outfit in more ways than one! ISSUE #1 – VARIANT COVER BY GREG LAND – FEB200802 HAVOK #1 EMPYRE ENDING IMPACT ON THE MARVEL UNIVERSE Seeing Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown on the cover makes me incredibly hyped. Daimon Hellstrom has long struggled with his nature and his evil parentage. Where they meet the biggest Captain America fans who ever were. Rated T+ MARVEL COMICS In Shops: Sep 09, 2020 Vermin strikes and Zemo's trap is sprung, but can Cap save Arnie from Zemo's clutches? VARIANT COVER BY SKOTTIE YOUNG – MAR200884 All is well. To beat back oblivion and avoid losing himself to the darkness, the Sentinel of the Spaceways must call on all his inner light to save his own soul! • From a living room full of Cap memorabilia to a warehouse full of Hydra agents, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier are closing in on their ultimate quarry: the prospective new Hydra Supreme. The biggest and best adventures of Marvel’s mighty mutants — these are the X-Men Milestones! (W) Al Ewing (A) More (A/CA) Juan Cabal Penciled by JORGE FORNÉS & MARCO CHECCHETTO HULK TIMELESS VARIANT COVER BY ALEX ROSS – APR201028 Eric N. Bennett Collecting INFINITY CRUSADE #1-6, WARLOCK CHRONICLES #1-5, WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH #18-22, THOR (1966) #463-467, IRON MAN (1968) #294-295, AVENGERS WEST COAST #96-97, DARKHAWK #30-31, CAGE (1992) #17, ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) #124-125 and #127, MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #57, SILVER SURFER (1987) #83-85 and DEATHLOK (1991) #28 — and material from DOCTOR STRANGE, SORCERER SUPREME #54-56, ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) #122-123 and #126, WEB OF SPIDER-MAN (1985) #104-106, SILVER SABLE & THE WILD PACK #16-17 and DEATHLOK (1991) #29. PHILLIP KENNEDY JOHNSON (W) • LEONARD KIRK (A) • Covers by INHYUK LEE Rated T+ $3.99, EMPYRE #6 (OF 6) The human world never seems to tire of lashing out at Krakoa. When their parents are kidnapped, teens Maxwell and Melody Keep are thrust into a thrilling race through the world's most dangerous museum in a bid to save their family – and the world! The Golden City is in chaos after Galactus’ ill-timed visit, and there are new threats on the horizon. HICKMAN & DAUTERMAN TAKE FLIGHT AGAIN! Collecting WEB OF SPIDER-MAN (1985) #31-32; AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #293-294 and PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (1976) #131-132. In a world where the X-Men never existed and mutantkind has been hunted to extinction, the few remaining Homo superior have banded together to make their last stand. CAPTAIN AMERICA #23 Marvel medics assemble! What Movie Do You Want To See Re-Released in Theaters? (Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department) – a spy agency dealing with extraterrestrial threats to world security. And Kirby’s The Eternals revealed an entire new realm of heroes!

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