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Attack: 10-30+ ms; Release: 10-30 ms; Ratio: 2:1 (Low) to 4:1 (High) Threshold: Set your threshold so that you’re only applying 1-2 dB of gain reduction. But with side-chain detection you can run a copy of the mix through an equalizer on a bus to EQ the low frequencies out or even a copy of the mix without the kick in it. Simple as that. Hey probably everyone is gonna disagree with me on this but i despise compression/limiting. This is the best bus mixing technique there is. Tape saturation is without doubt one of the best glue tools you can use. Consistent growth is the name of this game. Vocal bus, drum bus, strings bus). Harmonics, saturation, softening harsh highs, a little bump in the lows and some sort of compression too. Get to know them and start experimenting with your own sound… You’ll be a compression expert in no time! Recommended Settings for Glue Compression. Graham Cochrane of Recording Revolution has a great video demonstrating glue compression, or mix buss compression. So I started to mix without compression. There is no better magic tool to gel a mix than tape. Mix bus compression can make a mix feel more unified and cohesive. Compressors lower the volume of loud peaks–they even out the notes that stick out in the mix. Conclusion: Mix Bus Compression. It can help glue tracks together and make them sound like they exist in the same space . So now you can apply your sub-mix compression while ignoring the kick altogether and bypass the pumping problems. I have to admit that it was very hard to reach a good dynamic without it. If you avoid the mistakes above, you should be using your mix bus compression correctly. With a little practice, your mixes will sound tighter, more energetic, and one step closer to professional. In this 5-minute mixdown tip, we explored the uses of NY style parallel compression in Ableton live, and how it can be used to get the benefits of both downward compression and upward compression, whilst still keeping the dynamics and transients intact, and also without excessively raising the unwanted parts such as the noise floor. And with the right release time, mix bus compression can also enhance the groove by pumping in time with the beat. The fact I think is that Bruce use very high ended microphones and materials so they don’t so much post-prod tools, and he used to work on analogic. Go choose a classic compressor (or digital emulation) for the job and have fun learning! Reply. In this article you’ll learn 5 common mixing problems and how to solve them using compression. So I would highly … 7 Steps to Pro Mixes at Home I find... Getting a loud mix without compression/limiting - Gearslutz In addition, these mix bus compression techniques can often translate into smaller busses and groups (ex.

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