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That’s Divine Mercy Sunday, and St. John Paul II died in the Vespers of the day, and every day we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on-air. Mary: The Mother of Mercy . Display Title: Mother of Mercy, day by day, my love of thee grows more First Line: Mother of Mercy, day by day, my love of thee grows more Author: Frederick W. Faber Date: 1935. The chapel in the Gate of Dawn (Ausros Vartai) with the Icon of the Holy Mother of Mercy In 1773, Pope Clement XVI granted indulgences to the Fraternity of the Guardianship of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Vilnius. Other Titles the Blessed Mother is given for this Feast Day: Virgin of Mercy; Mother of Mercy; Madonna of Mercy; The Blessed Virgin Mary is the first and greatest recipient of the Infinite Mercy of God in the mystery of Her Immaculate Conception. Numerous replicas of the icon of the Holy Mother of Mercy are displayed in churches in other countries, including the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul where a replica of the image is displayed in a chapel. May God bless your generosity. She gave birth to Jesus, who embodied God’s mercy for us. Therefore, let us strengthen our ties with Mary, Mother of Mercy and trust her boundlessly” (Blessed Father M. Sopoćko). Venerable Catherine McAuley placed her community under the patronage of Our Lady of Mercy because Mary is the one who has the deepest knowledge of the mystery of God's mercy. Everything about Mary was fashioned by Divine Mercy and for the work of Divine Mercy. (…). By the Pope’s decree of 1927, the painting of the Madonna in the Gate of Dawn chapel was given the name of the Icon of the Holy Mother of Mercy and was crowned with papal crowns. And particularly, after she was assumed to Heaven, she looks after us and obtains the Divine Mercy for us even more. While the Western Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Assumption on August 15, some Eastern Catholics celebrate it as Dormition of the Mother of God, and may do so on August 28, if they follow the Julian calendar. Mother of Mercy, pray for our Church and our nation. Feast Day (783) Fellowship (1) Fiat of Mary (5) Fidelity (1) Forbearance (1) Forgiveness (20) Fortitude (3) Foundress (1 ... knowledge of the mystery of God's mercy. The great feast of Divine Mercy, which is an Easter Feast, as it falls on the Octave day of Easter, inspired me to write this article of Mary, Queen, and Mother of Mercy. Our Lady of Mercy Feast Day. On November 13, 2004, In her message to the world, Our Lady said, “I wish you to also know now that on this great day, the reason why I bring the Child Jesus is to announce to you that on May 25th of next year shall be the feast day of my title of Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Mercy. “For us, Mary is a Mother of Mercy, and her testimony of mercy began at Calvary. We will offer our prayers and Holy Mass for your and your intentions. THE HOLY MOTHER OF MERCY AS A MOTIVE TO BELIEVE. Then there is the greatest promise of all, a day of healing for all, no matter how ill your soul is, on the Sunday after Easter, the Feast Day of His Divine and Infinite Mercy, for those who comply with the simple steps desired by Jesus to show our obedience and belief in Him. Fr. Despite numerous investigations, the painter has remained unknown. The Month of the Rosary is October. After the war, when Vilnius was annexed into the Soviet Union and most of the churches in Lithuania were closed, the Gate of Dawn chapel remained open. How many times this was repeated, will remain a secret known only to God, but if many times – then we became the subject of special endeavors of our Mother of Mercy. – Vilnius, Lithuania. The painting sized 200x165cm is oil on oak boards covered with a thin chalky primer. On Sundays we pray the Glorious Mysteries. For her intercession, on countless occasions, we thank her for seeking Jesus’ mercy and love when we were most in need. The icon of the Gate of Dawn Madonna was painted probably in Vilnius in the period 1620-1630., All rights reserved. The Blessed Virgin Mother has many Titles. THE HOLY MOTHER OF MERCY AS A MOTIVE TO BELIEVE The painting sized 200x165cm is oil on oak… The coronation ceremony became an important national and religious event – the image was crowned by the papal nuncio (the crowns went missing during the World War II). She was the one who put in our mouths the words: JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU and postponed the moment of eternal and horrendous punishment. This title of Our Lady of Mercy goes back well into the Middle Ages, when the Mercedarian Order invoked Her under this title. The psalmist says, “Give to the King Thy Judgment O God, and the King’s Son Thy Justice.” Celebrating the Feast of the Mother of Jesus on the first day of a new calendar year is our great tribute to Mary. It is celebrated each year on 24 September , the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy. Since then, grace has streamed on people through the intercession of Mary: she strengthened the Disciples in their work; she obtained inspiration for the Evangelists. This Feast Day She is called Our Lady of Mercy. Maybe we recognize the numerous sins in our lives; maybe somebody sank into sin – Mary obtained for him the grace of conversion. Other Titles the Blessed Mother is given for this Feast Day: The silver lining of the chapel walls, where the painting of the Holy Mother of Mercy is displayed, is made up of selected votive offerings. A distinctive feature of the picture is a votive offering in the form of a crescent moon, placed at the bottom of the painting in 1849. Mercy Day is the feast day of the Sisters of Mercy across the world. The First Saturday of each Month is also dedicated to Marian Devotions. Mary was born free from all … The Kingdom of God consists of justice and mercy. The Eastern Orthodox also celebrate it as the Dormition of the Mother of God, one of their 12 Great Feasts. The double crowns and the gilded silver dress were placed on the painting at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. The number of exposed silver votive offerings donated by the faithful in gratitude for the graces obtained is estimated at approximately 8000. The Ordinary of the Mass and a Complete Manual of Hymns for Parochial Schools #d247. Feast of Our Mother of Mercy. Worked at Spain and died on Not Applicable in Not Applicable. All rights reserved. The Month of Mary is May. The aim of our Novena is to prepare ourselves for the great Feast: to take pause, to ponder the meaning of the Feast, to look back lovingly and look forward in hope, and to reflect on the life of the woman the Feast honours. The Feast of Mercy. Mary is the mother of mankind – she watches over us, protects us, and cares for us. Holy Father John Paul II (in 1993), The Chapel of the Holy Mother of Mercy, Vilnia (Vilnius) The Chapel of the Gate of Dawn. As we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, we honor the origins of the Mercedarians, and the inspiration Our Lady of Mercy … All Rights Reserved | Designed & Developed by. Drawing from the middle of XIX century, The Gates of Dawn (Ausros Vartai), Vilnius, Lithuania:, << table of contents Thanks to Divine Providence, a few years later (in 1935), the painting of the image of the Merciful Jesus was venerated for the first time in public next to the Icon of the Holy Mother of Mercy. Born on 10 August 1218 in Spain, Europe. The texts may be copied only on the condition that the full name of the source is acknowledged and an active link to is provided. In anticipation of the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, Mercy Matters is pleased to publish the following reflection written by Caroline Ryan rsm for the Institute’s former newsletter Tracking in late 2005. © The Congregation of the Sisters of Merciful Jesus. It was not a coincidence that the picture of the Most Merciful Savior, enjoying worship and granting graces all over the world, was originally displayed at the foot of the Holy Mother of Mercy (April 28, 1935) on Low Sunday – one might say for her to approve and recommend it. Michael Sopoćko. © The Congregation of the Sisters of Merciful Jesus. In the chapel, the residents of Vilnius have prayed for generations for special graces for themselves and their families through the intercession of the Mother of God. Mother of Mercy Madonna of Mercy, Our Lady of Mercy; Venerated in: Roman Catholic Church: Feast: 24 September: Attributes: Virgin Mary, sheltering mantle: Patronage: Barcelona, Dominican Republic, … The votive offerings covering the walls include those sent by Holy Father, St. John Paul II.

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