overgrown raspberry canes

Possibly other berries as well but hard to tell due to the weeds. Tackling Canes. Marketed under many names, it is found in concentrates and ready-to-use formulas. In 2011 we had a bumper crop of raspberries, but last year was just so-so. A part of the plot seems to have a lot of what seem to be overgrown raspberry canes in there. The elegant way to prune summer-bearing raspberries is to cut canes at soil level in the summer after they are finished fruiting, and then prune out all but the strongest four or five new canes … There seems to be new shoots coming up all over the plot as well. Your spring raspberry patch has no resemblance to my fall patch. Annie, My experience growing raspberries is nil. In the fall the canes of my spring crop (which produced … Glyphosate is the most effective consumer chemical for eliminating wild raspberries above ground. The old raspberry patch(two rows, approximately 30 ‘ long) came with a recently purchased farm. Every year around this time, new raspberry growth starts popping up between the rows and I have to get out there and do some serious weeding before the new canes begin to take over the paths.

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