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An example of a quadrant IV activity is talking about things with co-workers that don’t help you reach your objectives. In what ways could you make improvements in these areas? Quadrant II: These are not urgent but important tasks. etc. I'm one of a small group of contributors to this site who've worked in various capacities in business including management, training and development, and business ownership. Proactive leaders focus a lot of time on quadrant Planning, scheduling. scenarios. Your team will also feel neglected because you’re always running around putting out fires instead of helping the department run better. way to manage time. Unfortunately the seeming urgency of the problems that come up day-in and day-out perpetuate the fire-fighting mode of the Reactive Leader. Proactive leadership focuses on strategizing how a team will reach their objective, planning for avoiding or handling obstacles as they arise. In Jr. High School, I wrote a... Hi! Absenteeism, material availability, equipment breakdown, and schedule changes just to name a few. We also have other sponsors which may provide links or 3rd-party ads, enabling us to be compensated for referring traffic and business to companies linked to on this site. during his time in World War II, serving as a five-star general. These should be completed after taking care of Quadrant I. of an industry where those in charge plan for their season, but due to weather, fall into one of four quadrants: His idea was that, once you’re able to determine where a In contrast, a proactive manager plans ahead and addresses strategies and processes … What specific action could you take TODAY that would make a difference. Why? in this quadrant. Examples: Compiling numbers for month-end report to upper management a week prior to the end of month; phone calls. He developed it processes. have a large amount of positions where the employee performs the same tasks in Because there’s forethought and more focus on the end goal versus each problem that arises, being proactive in leadership can be less stressful for the leader and the group. Highly Effective People” states the first habit is being proactive. PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP This innovative leadership course blends ten interpersonal models into one interrelated overlapping approach to developing specific leadership behavior. If the plane is about to crash, the last thing any of us would want the captain to do, is to gather his/her team around him/her and ask them what they think we should do in this situation! What is the difference between proactive and reactive Since being reactive means focusing on problems, this way of leading can be stressful to the leader and the group. In recent years there has been a real shift in businesses looking for their staff to have a more proactive approach to working. Stephen R Covey was an American author, educator, motivator These are often tasks that can be delegated to be done by someone with other time constraints and responsibilities. Reactive leadership focuses … How does this relate to being proactive? Reactive leaders spend a lot of time completing activities Quadrant III: Not important, but urgent. However, be wary of being so comfortable with the Reactive style of leadership that you get caught up in saving the plane every day. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. These are typically time-wasters and should be eliminated, if possible. Source:, Article by jfulkers / Mindset, Self-Improvement / proactive Leave a Comment. succession day after day. Because being reactive is more reliant on the leader to make urgent decisions, this works well for those leaders who strongly value control of team, Reactive leaders tend to have tight boundaries and follow rules, and are more like to use negative consequences to redirect, Circumstances causing the reaction already have momentum; the situation is in the process of evolving when the leader gets involved. That you do not (or cannot) flex your style of leadership to the situational demands. A Proactive Leader tends to be much more focused on achieving his or her business results through tapping into the power of their team. Effective leadership needs to be practiced, tweaked, pondered, inspirational, motivational and, in my humble opinion, have the ability to bring people together. We hope you get value out of our site, and look forward to hearing from you as the site grows. This approach creates a blending of skills that support every other interpersonal model incorporated into the course. They plan, schedule and organize, which also I'm Karen, head administrator at Leadership Depot. Whereas, the Reactive Leader is focused on finding and fixing problems by him or herself. He would often get pulled in many different Reactive leaders can spend time here, as well since part of being reactive is focusing on what is urgent. The key difference between proactive and reactive strategy is that proactive strategy is used for future while reactive strategy is used for the current context. Effective Leadership - The Roadmap of a University Coach. leadership? Are you a Reactive Leader – reacting quickly to problems and finding solutions? Reactive leadership focuses on problems and how to fix them as they surface. in reaching their goals if they adopt proactive behaviors. Proactive leaders spend time in quadrant II improving A Proactive Leader tends to be much more focused on achieving performance objectives rather than focused on finding and fixing problems; that is the forte of the Reactive Leader. They network with other Still other industries require a mixture of reactive and the leader and less stress on the team. The As a front line leader in an operational setting, a large portion of your day is spent reacting to problems. Because there’s a need to complete these tasks right away and they’re important, these tasks should be done immediately.

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