scratchy lamy nib 717 N. Highland Ave., Loft #27 Los Angeles, CA 90038 USA Both my Safari and Al-Star are really quite scratchy. The filling system still works. These pens operate in a different way from fountain pens and may be the best solution for some writing situations. Some minor decrease of the ink flow can be accomplished by pinching the shoulders together evenly. suffers from a couple problems. Introducing 3 New Colors of FPR Ink. All things being equal, a wet writing nib will feel smoother than a dry one because the ink acts as a lubricant and the more ink under the tip the smoother the pen will feel. Learn how to smooth a scratchy fountain pen nib using tools and products you probably already have at home. The propeller-shaped clip accents the pen’s innovative form. When comparing the Compass to other fountain pens in the $50-and-under category, the competition is fierce. It’s not a typical fountain pen nib. Changing nibs is 30 second exercise. We have started shipping to all zones. The Lamy 2000, introduced in 1966, has now been the flagship Lamy model for over fifty years, while the Dialog 3 is an ingeniously designed fountain pen with all the convenience and ease of use of a ballpoint. It can also cause "hard starts"—small skips at the beginning of a pen stroke. It might be something to do with the way I hold the pen but i have not had this problem in cheaper fountain pen. Lamy F is about the width of a Pilot M. Keep that in mind if you have smaller writing! With ink in the pen, move it on the Micromesh two or three times in the direction of the scratch. Its compatible with nearly every currently made Lamy fountain pen with the exception of the 2000. The tune & smooth is included with all custom grinds and -Extra fine nib a little scratchy For a fountain pen the Lamy Safari is one of the cheapest you can find for $23 depending on nib size. I like to put the Micromesh on a small stack of newspaper, to add to the cushion and the sinking effect. The Lamy Black Extra Fine Fountain pen nib is known for its exceptionally smooth and reliable line. Rounded shape delivers a uniform, even writing line. I didn’t have such problems with thick paper. Dry or inconsistent flow can cause the ink to skip or appear washed out. (But, see warning above.). The following discussion is based on the steps that I take to troubleshoot a scratchy writing pen. It’s closer to a hooded nib, I guess, but it’s a little different than most hooded nibs. Being the ‘standard’ Lamy fitting, changing nibs is easy for the user and spare nibs are easily available and cheap, although you can fit a Lamy gold nib which costs four times as much as the pen. What precautions should I take when traveling on an airplane with a fountain pen? Comes with one blue, rather insipid, cartridge. What Is the Customization for Added Flex? Now my Lamy EF nib feels great. I prefer Japanese Fs & EFs, but for a wide nib it's great. On some papers it is definitely scratchy If you want this nib because you like finer lines then go for the platinum (F or EF) or Pilot fine. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 June 2019. It could be just the nib that came on my pen, but I’ve heard that Lamy nibs are scratchy from other reviews as well. What kind of a filling systems do most fountain pens use? (See paragraph 2 at the top of this article.). Hold the loupe close to your eye while pointing the tip of the pen toward the loupe. If you see one side more than 5% above the other, test the tips by gently moving the low side up with your fingernail. I sent it back to Lamy (in the original pen box) and they fixed it for free, per their policy. I kept to the two smoothest sides and did a bit of circular, straight line, curved, and rolling motions. The following procedure is only for the brave, who realize that the pen might end up in other hands for the problem to be solved. The LAMY 2000 is an exception to this rule as it has its own special nib. However, particularly in comparison to this new nib, those older units can be a little scratchy on the cross stroke. It also can be elusive. The color is good. What is the difference between a re-grind and re-tip? After doing my research, I finally settled on the Lamy Studio in Blue with the Extra Fine nib. This gives the Al-Star the advantage of being engraveable, a handy way of preventing the pen from being misplaced (especially if being used at school).The fountain pen has an inexpensive easy change nib, from extra fine to broad, left handed and beginners. Understanding these parameters will help the writer in choosing their own compromises. Although the nib … If a nib that previously wrote smoothly has suddenly turned scratchy, it has probably suffered some sort of trauma. LAMY studio Dolma Kalem. ( Log Out /  gadgetstop321. ), 5. Repeat this process until the slit lines up with the center of the feed. This nib was decent enough that we both questioned whether it might be a real Lamy nib on a counterfeit pen though. I would suggest getting thick paper when using these nibs because they may scratch the surface of the paper and scrape off bits and pieces, which can get annoying. Warning: Micromesh, even though it leaves a polished surface, is extremely aggressive. So how do I fill a converter style fountain pen with ink? Though we offer our own repair services, as well This nib is definitely not extra fine. My existing Lamy Safari with an M nib was waiting for a replacement. Founded in Heidelberg in 1930, Lamy creates pens which are inspired by the functional design principles of the 1920's Bauhaus movement. 1.391,00 TL. Because it is capable of very small marks it is capable of making notes in margins. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. You must fill out the appropriate repair or trade form before sending any pen or nib to us. I like it, rather than a hard surface abrasive, such as an Arkansas stone or Mylar disks, because it gives, sinking under the weight of the tipping. How do I achieve a specific style of writing that I have seen? I have four Safari's of which one had a scratchy nib. For a fountain pen the Lamy Safari is one of the cheapest you can find for $23 depending on nib size. USA, Call:  323.655.2641 I shopped around a bit online and was able to find a good price at Goldspot Luxury Gifts who has a huge selection of pens and very competitive prices. 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Pacific Time. JCYC5 wrote: ↑ Great pen to start on. I was immediately struck by the fact that it was nowhere near as pleasant to write with as the steel nibs of my Lamy Safaris and Al-Star pens, whereas you obviously expect more, being gold (and platinum plated). Decreasing the ink flow is more difficult, as the nib may have to be removed from the pen. By day, I am an independent digital Product Designer (fancy words for designing mobile apps). Those who prefer a higher angle or lower angle may find that the way the tip is cut is not good for them. I will try and take some photos after a bit, but the tip seems to have a relatively large and sharp anvil shaped blob of tipping on the bottom of the nib.

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