similarities between primary and secondary group

The time spent on collecting secondary data is usually very little compared to that of primary data. Secondary data is the data that has been collected in the past by someone else but made available for others to use. 2. Secondary data was once primary data when it was newly collected by the first researcher. Secondary data are usually easily accessible to researchers and individuals because they are mostly shared publicly. are glaring and can it be interchangeably used. These sources are documents that relate to information that originated elsewhere. A good example of this is business owners who lay bloggers to write good reviews about their product just to gain more customers. In most cases, secondary researchers do not have any interaction with the subject of research. + [Examples, Sources, & Analysis]. In fact, researchers have to surf through irrelevant data before finally having access to the data relevant to the research purpose. , which may not be the case for secondary data. Active transport is the movement of molecules across the cell membrane against the concentration gradient with the assistance of enzymes and usage of cellular energy. Therefore, it might be difficult to collect primary data. It depends solely on the kind of data the researcher was able to lay hands on. The researcher exhibit ownership of the data collected through. The researcher is able to control the kind of data that is being collected. This data can be collected and analyzed within a few hours when conducting secondary research. It also gives up to date information about a research topic compared to secondary data. It requires little to no cost to acquire them because they are sometimes given out for free. Read More: Primary Data: Definition, Examples & Collection Techniques. Formplus is a web-based primary data collection tool, What is Secondary Data? Groups thus are an inevitable part of our life since the very day we are born, even before we are able to make decisions we are made the part of a group, with or without our choice. With access to this information, the number of children who needs education can be analyzed and hard to determine the amount that should be allocated to the education sector. These groups include one’s family, friends, peer group, love relationships, etc. Primary data is available in crude form while secondary data is available in a refined form. When Thomson Reuters collect this data afresh, they are usually raw and may be difficult to understand. Primary data is very expensive while secondary data is economical. When performing research, it is important to consider the available data options so as to ensure that the right type of data is used to arrive at a feasibility conclusion. Primary data is the kind of data that is collected directly from the data source without going through any existing sources. For example, when physically interviewing research subjects, one may need one or  more professionals, including the interviewees, videographers who will make a record of the interview in some cases and the people involved in preparing for the interview. Therefore, when carrying out research, it is left for the researcher to weigh these factors and choose the better one. Secondary sources can, however, cite both primary sources and secondary sources. For example, a researcher may require a market report from 2010 to 2019 while the available reports stop at 2018. Some other things like definitions and theorems are secondary data that are added to the thesis to be properly referenced and cited accordingly. Primary data incur so much cost and takes time because of the processes involved in carrying out primary research. Get a 50% discount on all annual plans. Secondary data are this way because they have previously been broken down by researchers who collected the primary data afresh. Primary data is usually up to date because it collects data in real-time and does not collect data from old sources. This is usually very advisable in cases whereby the available secondary data does not fully meet the research needs. It doesn't take so much time and most of the secondary data sources can be accessed for free. Thus while the membership into a particular caste may by birth and thus not deliberate, the formation of a political party by the members of a caste group is more deliberate and forms a secondary group. The basic difference between primary and secondary data is that primary data is an original and unique data, which is directly collected by the researcher from a source according to his requirements.

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