vegan potato broccoli soup

Your vegan broccoli potato soup is. Serve hot with extra red pepper flakes and the fresh chives. Broccoli and Potato Soup, plant based, potato soup, vegan. In recent years, it’s become a bit of a staple in vegan cooking. Only cruelty-free recipes on this website, forever and ever. Keywords: broccoli potato soup, vegan potato broccoli soup. The reason why I incorporated potato in this soup recipe is because it helps make the texture smoother and creamier. Gently fry for about 10 minutes on medium high heat. Add the sea salt, pepper flakes, celery and carrots and give everything a nice toss. Preheat a heavy stock up over medium low heat and sauté the onion in a splash of water (or a drizzle of olive oil) until translucent. This comes as no news to anyone that knows me, but I’m a huge potato lover. Alternatively you can steam the broccoli separately while your soup is cooking. I'm the voice behind the easy Plant-Based recipes here at the Veggie Society. posted by Deryn Macey on September 14, 2018. P.S. Peluci is our COO and taste tester in chief! I’ll be sure to help you out in case you get stuck! Want to make this gorgeous soup? Best Vegan Creamy Broccoli Soup You’ll feel so good indulging in this healthy delicious & nutritious whole-food plant-based creamy soup. Take good care not to overcook it, 3 to 5 minutes should yield that perfect al dente texture. Continue reading…, Hi, I'm Florentina! Pure magic! The addition of potato and fresh carrots make this thick & delish vegan cream of broccoli soup so satisfying! Copyright © 2020 My Vegan Minimalist on the Foodie Pro Theme. If you try this recipe please report back, snap a photo and tag me with #VeggieSociety on. Some of the most notable ones are vitamin C, K1, folate, potassium, manganese and iron. There are tons of great vegan recipes with broccoli out there and that comes as no surprise. I'm Tajda (pronounced thai-dah) and I'm here to take you on a delicious plant based journey! When I stepped outside the house early this morning I could literally smell it in the air: soup season has just arrived. Add the broccoli florets, cover with a lid and cook a few more minutes until the broccoli is softened to your liking. If you're a soup-year-round kind of person, this also works for folks who are lucky enough to have air conditioning! Did you make this recipe? Required fields are marked *. Add the garlic, potatoes, cashews and vegetable stock and bring everything to a simmer. You want the potatoes small to dramatically reduce the boil time Cut broccoli into small florets … Jump to Recipe. Never shy away from adding plenty of garlic to your food. This dairy-free recipe for Vegan Broccoli Potato Soup crockpot friendly, making it the perfect weeknight meal for upcoming crisp-weather days. No need to soak the cashews in advance, the boiling process will get them perfectly soft to be blended in the creamiest of soups. So happy you found my blog! This is the perfect choice for all happy, healthy vegans out there. Modified: Jun 19, 2020 by Tajda Ferko. easy plant based vegan recipes featuring whole foods and a pure plant based lifestyle - the Veggie Society, September 7, 2018 By florentina 24 Comments. From red to white - the whole gamut is covered. Cover with a lid … How to Make Vegan Broccoli Soup Peel and roughly chop potato into small pieces, set aside. Disclaimer: It’s super duper easy. Nooch is a complete protein, a great source of B vitamins and trace minerals. Vegan broccoli potato soup that’s not only plant based, but also gluten free. Once melted, add your diced vegetables and reduce heat to low, cooking about 10 minutes until fragrant and soft.

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