when to prune fuchsia hedge

When pruning, make sure to remove all small, spindly wood. Step 1 - Examine the Plant. Fuchsia Plant Care – How to Grow and Prune Fuchsia Flowers Fuchsias have created a name for themselves as a real classic within creative compositions of plants for summer gardens. The end product should be a frame work of strong branches. root prune basket grown plants in late winter. Thanks to the existence of hardy varieties, the colorful festival with its unmistakable flowers is … Pruning to shape fuchsias has no set rule, as hardly two plants are cut back the same, unless they are in a hedge of identical varieties. However, the principle of pruning is always the same. A very important reason to prune a fuchsia at least once a year is that they will not grow flowers on old wood. Late July to August is the best time to start thinking about pruning a fuchsia. Leave a framework of heavy branches on the plant. These plants are smaller than their adult size so they cannot go through too much pruning. You should prune young plants lightly. Fuchsia is a very colorful plant that can be pruned to create a particular shape or style of growth. But if we forget or neglect to prune one fuchsia, it can be noticed for the rest of the year. Pruning should be done in the fall. In warm climates prune again in summer after the main flush which will encourage a second flush of flowers in autumn. regularly tip prune (pinch out the growing tip) to encourage bushy growth. The only exception to this general pruning rule are young Fuchsia plants. The Fuchsia Club of NSW recommends the following: Reliable Plants: Replant in the same size basket.

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