where to see otters in singapore

“We attend to over 700 calls a month for wildlife in distress” explains Ms Boopal. This is truly an amazing place to spend in Singapore, I didn’t know there are so many thing to explore until I re-visit again few weeks ago. 2020 Year-End School Holiday Programs Not To Be Missed! The otters on the mainland are smooth-coated, while Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong have smooth-coated otters as well as small-clawed ones - the smallest otter species in the world. Estuarine crocodiles are listed as critically endangered – threats come from hunting (for skin and meat), and habitat loss. If you want to learn more about these primates, the Jane Goodall Institute and National Parks run monthly guided monkey walks at MacRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Lower Seletar Reservoir (janegoodall.org.sg/event). Otters had almost disappeared from Singapore by the 1970s, due to waterway pollution. Learning Chinese – Why You Should Start Them Young, TNAP Highlights: What’s New In Singapore November 2020, Take Part in a Brand Product Survey and Stand to Win NTUC Vouchers, If you find this article useful, do click, Like what you see here? The government put a bounty on tigers, starting with $20 for every tiger killed. The rescue centre currently houses 105 exotic wild animals from the illegal wildlife trade. “As Singapore continues to rapidly urbanise, it is inevitable that pangolins start to venture into urban areas. Dugong activity can also be seen in the ‘feeding trails’ they create through seagrass meadows as they methodically rip up the seagrass while swimming past. Once thought to be extinct in Singapore, wild otters are making a comeback to the urban city state. “Some of the main threats are roadkill, entanglement in fishing line, and plastics,” says Sivasothi. For baby animals such as birds or squirrels, we urge public not to remove them or bring home but to look for adult animals or call us with a photo for further action.” The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) works in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and has a dedicated wildlife rescue centre. Ms Anbarasi Boopal, Deputy Chief Executive of ACRES, explains their guidelines: “When sighting wildlife, the golden rules are to appreciate from a distance and never to feed them. These social animals usually live in family groups. They can grow quite large, over 2.5 metres and weigh over 300kgs. There are more and more sightings of wild otters in Singapore in recent years. Although they seem very cute and cuddly, National Parks advisories warn that otters are wild animals and should be treated with caution, especially when otter pups are nearby. What Should Parents Look for in a Leading Student Care Centre? The otter species commonly seen here is the smooth coated otter, which can grow to nearly one metre long. Holiday Programmes and Workshops to Thrill Your Kids During the 2020 School Holidays, This Preschool Has an Open Secret that Will Give Your Child a Creative Edge. Join our mailing list here. The otters of Singapore have proven flexible in adapting quickly to an urbanised landscape, having had to cope with very little space to dry off their fur. National University of Singapore (NUS) biology lecturer N. Sivasothi, who heads the OtterWatch facebook group (www.facebook.com/OtterWatch), estimates the population at about 80. The Asian small-clawed otter can … These air-breathing mammals live underwater and exist on a diet of seagrass. Trails have been seen off Changi, Pulau Ubin, Pulau Sekudu, Pasir Ris and the Southern Islands. When you entered the garden, you will see giant man made supertree which can be up to 16 storeys high. Distribution of the otter families in Singapore (Data source: Khoo, M de Yuan and Sivasothi, N (2018)b. Get parenting tips and stories straight to your inbox! by Michael Gwyther-Jones. Humans are the main threat to the dugong population, as they are still illegally hunted for their meat, skin (for leather) and for traditional medicine. Angelica Teo of pangolin research group, The Pangolin Story (https://thepangolinstory.wordpress.com/), explains: “As pangolins are nocturnal animals, they’re only active for a few hours each day, this makes them notoriously difficult to track. Kids are especially thrilled to see wild otters and here are some places that they have been spotted recently and you can try your luck: #1 Bishan Park They live in large family groups and are often seen around Singapore’s nature reserves and coastal areas.While you might think the monkeys are cute, they can be aggressive when they feel threatened. If you find crocodiles in an urban area, call the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) on 1800 476 1600. Supertree Grove. Army Tank Playground Choa Chu Kang Keat Hong, Military Army Truck Playground at Keat Hong Mirage Singapore, Hansel and Gretel Candyland Playground at Clementi, 17 New Or Revamped Places To Go In Singapore 2020, Dinosaurs at Changi Jurassic Mile Park Connector Terminal 4, Malay CultureFest 2020 Promises Two Fun Weeks of Heritage, Marshall Cavendish Education December Chinese Workshops, 13 Interesting Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend.

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