why does prospero give up magic

to resolve the play, relinquishing his magic powers. Has he changed in any fundamental way or had the change already occurred before the beginning of the action? If we take something like this to be a valid interpretation of Prospero’s magic, and Prospero as, therefore, a playwright like Shakespeare, then it makes sense he would give up his magic at the end. Prospero's Last Impression . modifications of the ones I have? What does Prospero tell Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio after the magic spell wears off? Has he changed in any fundamental way or had the change already occurred before the beginning of the action? Alone on stage, Prospero invokes the various spirits who have aided him, describing the many incredible feats he has accomplished with his magic—"graves at my command have waked their sleepers, oped, and let 'em forth" (5.1.48-49)—and says that after performing this last act he will give up his powers, breaking his staff and drowning his book of magic. Prospero tells the audience that he is a slave to his own magic, and that in order for him to be set free, they must applaud him, so he can leave. What are Ferdinand and Miranda doing when Alonso is brought back? Are Alonso and Antonio truly sorry for their plot against Prospero? How does he plan to live in the future? Why he would give up his books under this interpretation. 9. What is the point of Prospero's speech in the epilogue? yes. 2. ) The action of giving up on something that played such a large part in his life shows that he is ready to move onto things that he finds more important. Why does Prospero give up his magic? Why do the king and his royal party stand in a circle? What does the future hold for Caliban? Why does Prospero decide to give up magic? Does Prospero forgive Alonso and all of the other men? 8. During his monologue he announces that he will totally give up on magic (V.i.169.1-15). His love for Miranda, ability to forgive his enemies, and the true happy ending he creates all coalesce to mitigate the undesirable actions he undertook along the way. Why does Prospero decide to give up magic and what does his choice show about what he thinks happened in the past? Why does Prospero give up his magic? This is for my English class....why does Prospero give up his magic? In the last two acts, we come to embrace Prospero as a more likable and sympathetic character. We can see evidence of this mindset in the play during the epilogue when Prospero is standing alone on stage. playing a game of chess. 4. ) 3. ) I need 3 reasons So far I have: -- restores order --realizes he has been distracted by trying to create a paradise and loosing control of the real world any other suggestions? Are Prospero and Caliban reconciled? Thanks in advance!

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