wild animal in florida

Pigs and deer Wild Pig Key Deer White-tailed Deer; Moles and Shrews Eastern Mole Star-nosed Mole Least Shrew Short-tailed Shrew ; Rodents – mice, rats, pocket gopher, squirrels. Florida has long been an animal-lover’s paradise. However, it is still listed as threatened. These awesome animal attractions are unique and fun for the whole family. The Florida panther is the state animal of Florida. Orlando's Only Airboat Tour, Gator Park and Drive-thru Safari Adventure! 10 Wild Places In Florida Where Animal Lovers Should Go. A collection of photographs by Paul Rebmann of Florida fauna. At Wild Florida you can ride, walk or drive through the adventure of your choice! By saving these animals, we are able to educate the public on the uniqueness of each of them, their habitats, … If you’ve ever heard of Tampa Bay’s Mystery Monkey, this is where “Cornelius” now lives.This tour-based attraction north of Tampa provides several unique experiences, including swimming with tigers and other animal encounters. Nature photos with information and a focus on rare, endangered and threatened species. Just 45 mins from the Disney area, we offer beautiful airboat rides, exciting gator park tours and a breathtaking drive-thru safari. Florida Panther; Aquatic mammals – manatee, dolphins Manatee Bottlenose Dolphin Common Dolphin Short-finned Pilot Whale. As of 2017, manatees are no longer listed as an endangered species. The Indian manatee, a giant herbivore, can be found in the Florida Everglades. Wild Things in Dade City . Invasive species in Florida are introduced organisms that cause damage to the environment, human economy, or human health in Florida. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of … But not all of the Sunshine State's animal residents are cute and cuddly.Here are 10 potentially dangerous wild animals you might meet in Florida.ALLIGATORSAmerican alligators … The West Indian manatee can be found in the shallow waters of the Florida Everglades. Wild Florida Sanctuary is accountable for the care of wild animals that cannot be released, or animals that are given to the sanctuary due to care needs. West Indian Manatee. Native plants and animals can become threatened by from the spread of invasive species.

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